Leeteuk has recently been married to an actress, Kang Sora, on WGM. And seems like any other typical boyfriends (or husbands), he cannot stand to have another male around her…especially when it’s a handsome rival.

On November 5th’s episode of “We Got Married“, Leeteuk had shown some support towards his wife by visiting her drama set. However, with his in-depth research prior to the trip (very Teukie like), Leeteuk has found out about Choi Min, who is Sora’s co-star and has quite a nice body. And seems like the trip isn’t so exciting and filled with love anymore.

However, though, Leeteuk still managed to somehow get inbetween the two by making a cameo in the drama…

Yeah, isn’t that long, is it?…but imagine how serious Leeteuk must have been with his role…

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ahahah that is so cute xD

Aww Teukie is so cute^^

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! I swear, Teukkie is the cutest husband ever!

such a cutie!


hes so cute >< Kang Sora is lucky to have him as a husband :D

LOL, so cute!! :3

Awww, he gets jealous and protective, Kang Sora is such a lucky girl! 

awwww leeteuk, don’t worry she loves you most cuz you care about her so much ^^ what a great boyfriend/husband <3

howwww cuteeeee smile

Jewel1975 - 11/06/11 1:33 pm

Lawl, It said he had “been” married. Im confused...Is he actually married 2 her or is it just a show?

it’s just a show ^^ they’re a “married couple” on the show smile

hehehehe Leeteuk-oppa is the easily jealous type, ne? XD so cute~

Lawl, It said he had “been” married. Im confused...Is he actually married 2 her or is it just a show?

HAHAHAHAHA Teuk, So cute xD

Who wouldn’t get jealous xD?

Hahahaha, Oppa, you get jealous easily~ =w=

jealous teuki ^^

Poor Teukie. I think he’s better though!!

so cute <3

Wow. Leeteuk would do something like that! 

he even got a cameo in it? LOL. oh gosh teukiee

he SHOULD be jealous. ;D .....

Awwwhahahaa~ His jealousy is so cute!! >^.^<

LOL. Leeteuk is so cute. He made a sweet husband! :D

lol aww the Leeteuk for ya XD I think I would feel the same way!

lol thats cute! :D

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