Having to think about what to give your friends whose bias is the ‘yoonique’ doe-eyed angel of SNSD? Well, you came to the right place! Since my bias in SNSD is also Yoona, here are just a few items that will keep them busy for a WHOLE year! Although, Yoona has been voted as first in many different topics, such as Worst Dressed, Smartest K-Pop Idol, and etc., she still has gazillions of items you have to have in order to be a true Yoong fan! Just check this list out, who knows if you might need some items for yourself or your closest friend!


Who knew the prankster of SNSD just loves to eat cereal! Especially before sleeping? But, if you think it’s not a really good idea to buy cereal directly to someone, I guess you can just buy some gift cards that relate to food!

Dishwasher or just dish-washing gloves

This is just a must need! Since Yoona is soshi’s dishwasher some Yoonaddicts out there would need some items relating to dish-washing! It can be very helpful at times!

Pink BSX Beyond 9 Hoodies

Having a warm sweater during the winter or any other time would be just great! A sweater showing your love for SNSD or just Yoona would be even better! This pink BSX Beyond 9 sweater would just be perfect for you or your friend! This sweater just screams out “SNSD” or “Yoona” out loud without even really doing ANYTHING!

Yoona Star Cards

Some star cards of you bias would be perfect for you show off to your friends! Being able to see your a picture of your bias anytime and anywhere would just be amazing! Wouldn’t it?

A Simple Gold or Sliver Ring

Just one simple gold or silver ring can show your great love for Yoona! It can secretly be a similarity between the two of you or your friends!


Glasses can be a great gift to many morning haters out there! Some who think they look kind of funny in the mornings can just put on fake glasses without precription and VOILA you look amazingly pretty!

Digital Camera(any kind as long as it can take a selca)

A fun use of time is when you can take some cute pictures of yourself! One type many K-pop idols love to do, is to take a selca of themselves!


A perfect key chain to hook on your phone! Especially one with a picture of Yoona or her name!

530 Cap

A perfect cap to wear during the hot day, and even one that states Yoona’s birthday. (530= May 30)

Hoodies with Yoona’s Name

Another good sweter to wear is one with Yoona’s name on it! Just like the one Yoona wore in the MV for their song “Girl’s Generation.”

I’m hoping this helped you all who have friends whom is a Yoona bias! There are a lot more of different gifts you can choose from, but these are just 10 I would really want myself! Well, it’s almost time for the holidays, any of you already ready?

This blog post is part of the 2011 Mixr Gift Guide Special.

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nice gifts :D!

The cereal made me giggle xD The gifts are great! My favorite would be the sweatshirt :D

i love hoodie!


the camera and the hoodie raspberry

ㅋㅋㅋ yoong is also my bias! Wish my friends would get me something yoonaish. :(

i like the hoodies~ XD

Some of these things are kind of weird. XD But OH, I want that camera. ^^

Caeral, that made be laugh a bit :D
Thx 4 sharing.

LOL at cereal XD

I like the hoodie and the ring and the digicam. XD

LOL at the dishwasher and gloves. XD

cereal and dishwasher is hilarious....
i want the beyond 9 hoodie

LOL. The dishwasher and the cereal?

Some cool ideas! Thanks for sharing ^^

thanks for sharing

cool gift ideas

ooh i like some of these!! i want the cards and the keychain raspberry

Really awesome gift ideas!
I love how you didn’t actually just post the kpop collectables of the idol that we all know about already. <3
thanks for sharing!

This list is amazing!! I like everything! :D

awesome :D
thanks for the list~~

these gifts are cool
thanks for sharing :D

These gifts totally remind me of Yoona.
Thanks for doing this!

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