There are many times where fans buy collectibles that involves their biases in any way shape of form like wearing clothing and jewelry similar to what their biases wear or buying items that has their bias picture or name on it. For the holidays your friend might want items that involve their biases. Here are some gifts you can give to a friend that have a Super Junior’s Eunhyuk bias.

1. Hyuk Necklace
What’s better than necklace that reads Hyuk? Personally, I think this is the best Christmas gift you can give to a Eunhyuk biased friend. It’s both stylish and bedazzled.

2. Eunhyuk Phone Strap
Having a phone strap seems to be the trend lately, so why not have a Eunhyuk one. This phone charm has eight different Eunhyuk pictures on the front and back. It’s a great way to express your love for Eunhyuk with it. I actually have a Yesung one and I just love it! I think your Eunhyuk biased friend would love it too!

3. Eunhyuk Style Glasses Necklace
I love this necklace. If you have a friend that wants to keep a low profile about their K-pop obsession I think this is a perfect necklace for them. A normal person would think it’s just some ordinary necklace, but if they’re a Eunhyuk fan I’m sure this would remind them of him.

4. Mr. Simple Eunhyuk Pillow Case
Although it looks a little creepy I think your friend would appreciate it if you buy her a Eunhyuk Pillow Case. It’s double sided with his Mr. Simple photo on one side and a cute chibi on the other! It’s great for decorations and to hug.

5. Eunhyuk’s Double Finger Diamond Ring
This unique ring is made fitted for two fingers. While watching Eunhyuk’s performance you probably had seen him wear this ring. Like the glasses necklace you can wear this and at the same time hide your k-pop obsession. I’m sure your friend would love this ring.

6. Eunhyuk Color Mix Bracelet
This double bracelet comes in 4 different colors: red, blue, black, and brown. This bracelet is like a 2-in-1. It’s cute and goes with almost anything. And it’s nice to have something Eunhyuk has.

Which gift would you give to your Eunhyuk biased friend?

This blog post is part of the 2011 Mixr Gift Guide Special.

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I want all! Esp the cute pillow & phone strap^^♥

Where can you buy this stuff??? It would be perfect for my friend!

True, the pillow is really cute-looking…

want them alll lol raspberry but really wan tthe pillow!!!! <3

I totally want the jewelry! :O

So coooool~~
I really want the pillow XD

Such cool gifts!!! every single one is just awesome!! 

With a ring on two fingers how are we able to move our fingers?

all of these and Eunhyuk would be a great christmas present too ^_____^
imagine that you have an huge present under your christmas tree and in the present there is Eunhyuk xD lol

I want the glasses necklace! (because Taemin wore it too. XD)
But also, his rings are always so cool! And the Hyuk necklace is nice. :D Also the bracelets! ^^

Ahhh, I have the sunglasses necklace ^^ I like the Hyuk one too smile

I like the Eunhyuk’s mixed bracelet..
for me, it was a nice present for myself..

I like the Eunhyuk’s mixed bracelet..
for me, it was a nice present for myself..

I wouldn’t buy it to her, but to me ! ! :DD <3

cool thanks for sharing ^^

why are all those things look so cool *_*

i want that ring, love eunhyuk.

I love it all but would really like to have the colored bracelet

hahaha! for this.. i want it all!

I love the cartoonized hyukkie on the phonestrap, the one with his concept picture on it lol, so cute ^^

Kyaaaa I want everything :D

omg where can i get the hyuk necklace <333 i want

Ohhh, this is a good list. ;3

aww i love him hehe/ i rlly love that pillow case in anime form XD so adorable! hehe and the glasses necklace is interesting haha! i love the Hyuk necklace the most tho ^_^

I love Eunhyuk, so I would love to have the phone strap! If only I had a slot in my phone....

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