So, after showing you a list of male idols who would make good boyfriends, we now turn our attention to male idols who would make terrible boyfriends. Terrible in the sense that they are good people, but their mannerisms and habits might make one think otherwise. And just to let you know, I love all the idols that I’m about to list below, heh.

BEAST’s Junhyung.
So, Junhyung’s nickname is The Joker. Perhaps so aptly named because of his joking nature. But it seems that he’s always getting into fights and losing the girl he loves. I don’t know…

FTISLAND’s Hongki.
If you can stand his energy levels, great! Otherwise…the guy is totally hyper and on a different level than most of us. Perhaps it was because he was trained by the one and only Heechul. Not only that but you might not want to be near him with his screeching laughter.

Kim Bum.
He’s not really an idol, per se, but at the same time, he still is. Anyway, Kim Bum is known for his charming smile. But he’s also known for his playboy ways (re: Boys over Flowers). Girls, his smile is killer and that’s a big red flag.

MBLAQ’s Seungho.
Don’t be fooled by his smile! Seungho, the leader of MBLAQ, is quite a trickster. You know, you can tell by his smile and the way his eyes crease when he starts laughing. I see a little devil start growing out of him. Perhaps that’s just me but…

SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong.
So Kim Hyun Joong played everyone’s favorite JiHoo sunbae. And yes, in real life, he can be sweet and nice and kind. But his 4D personality coupled with his little oddities make him a guy to be wary of. He doesn’t want his wife to be materialistic, but she has to be pretty and bear him LOTS of children. I repeat, LOTS of children. Plus, you don’t have to be pretty but you must be able to drink. If you can’t drink, then you have to be pretty…

Super Junior’s Heechul.
Do I need to even start on the guy? He’s like the world’s biggest space star. And not only that, but his narcissist side can be quite amusing. He’ll be even prettier than you are and his crazy wild antics may leave you a bit stressed. Plus, he loves SoHee, so if your name is not SoHee, then perhaps he’s not going to be a good boyfriend to you.

TEEN TOP’s Chunji.
Presenting to you the newest noona killer to be found in KPOP, Chunji. Man, is this guy so smooth. He may look all innocent and sweet and charming with his aegyo and smile, but watch out - the guy’s a little playboy, as evidenced in TEEN TOP’s “Don’t Wear Perfume”. Hah. At least he looks good doing it?

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, SHINee’s Minho, and DBSK’s Changmin.
Now, I typically don’t use people from the same groups. Because it’s more fun to find people from different groups. But I couldn’t pass up on this opportunity. I introduce to you what is known as the KYU-line: Kyuhyun, Minho, and Changmin. Why they wouldn’t make good boyfriends? Well, let’s see…Kyuhyun and Changmin are known as the evil maknaes. So you know, they go around, pulling pranks on people, and intimidating that. Plus, everyone knows that Kyuhyun’s first love is Starcraft. And that Changmin will pretty much hang around Kyuhyun. And Minho? He’s only KPOP’s finest hyungwhore to be found. The guy pretty much emulates his love for his hyungs. There was that one variety show where he was teamed up with f(x)’s Krystal, but the moment he saw 2PM’s Nichkhun, he abandoned her and ran full-speed to Nichkhun. Like a puppy! So you’d have to chain Minho up somewhere where he couldn’t see his hyungs.

Granted, these idols could act much differently off the camera than they do on the camera. But from what I’ve seen of them on the camera, it’s safe to think that they act the same off the camera…right?

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the first man i thought of was heenim >.> gosh hes way too pretty =D hongki <3 loving the kyu line <3

lol too funny. idk, i would love Hongki as a bf XD ahahha too adorable! the part about Minho...lmfaoooo <3333 and Chunji? lmbo ok...haha

hahahahah I loveee Chunji, KHJ, Kim Bum, Junhyung, Hongk & Seungho. Kim Hyun Joong’s 4Dness is so funny. 

haha I think Changmin, Hongki, and Junhyung would be awesome boyfriends xD

Oh yes Changmin definitely would make a bad boyfriend! First of all, he would make you die every day by just walking past you with his flawless God-ness. Second, he’d probably tell you to go make him a sandwich- wait no, make that 10 sandwiches with his appetite. But I guess if you love cooking and don’t mind having your ovaries explode every minute of every day, then he’s the perfect boyfriend for you! ♥

Oh My Kim Hyun Joong Oppa! No Not on this List! Oh well, I Still ♥ You Kim Hyun Joong!!!

LOL Minho’s the Hyungwhore. XD hahaha pretty true. lmao

LOL did anyone else notice that creepy hand on chunjis picture xD?

well sure interesting list xD ~ chocoball team here and there raspberry

omg this made me laugh...but im kinda depressed because like 5 of my biases in their own group r up here....thats kinda depressing. but this still had me laughing :D THIS IS AWESOME thanks for posting!

these are all the people I want as my boyfriends lol even more than those guys from the “good bf list”.
Junhyung he is just a hot rapper
KHJ has a great body
hongki laugh is totally entertaining and he is adorable
kim bum really does have a killer smile.....
geez all this proves girls are always attracted to the ‘bad’ guys xD

lol interesting list. ty for sharing

LOL i love how chunji is on the list xD

Haha, this is hilarious! Great idea!

haha kim hyun joong and drinking raspberry

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