Hey ladies, guess what? Your Thai prince of 2PM, Nichkhun, has just landed himself a role in the Japanese movie version of popular manga, Ouran High School Host Club!

For those of you who don’t know, Ouran High School Host Club is one of Japan’s popular romantic comedies and revolves around the life of Haruhi, who has to pay off a huge debt and thus disguises herself as a male host. Nichkhun will be playing the role of the president, who is also the brother of international student, Michelle (played by AKB48’s Shinoda Mariko), of Singapore’s leading corporation.

Not only will Nichkhun suit up in a business suit (which isn’t hard to picture, given the group’s sleeker images for its recent Japanese releases), he will also speak both Japanese and English. The producer lavished heaps of praise for Nichkhun, commenting, “Nichkhun demonstrates a proficient English level as he has studied it in the U.S. He has a flavor of bashfulness and confidence which is perfect for this role.”

The movie will be out on March 17th, 2012. Who’s excited?


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WOW cool, ave to watch it! love the manga smile can’t wait ^_^

Nichkhun + Ouran High School Host Club dorama = AWESOME!!

can’t wait for this >.<

Yay! Now I have to see this smile

Wow. Looking forward to this!

im SUPER excited~

SWEET! totally looking forward to this!  I loved Ouran H.S. HOST CLUB!!!!

Omo! This is amazing news! I’m a fan of the anime! I’m really excited and also happy for Khunnie. ^^

Thanks for sharing! <3

Oh YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally can’t wait!
I love Ouran Host Club!!!!!
WHOOT!! Nichkhun!! 

Can’t wait to see him act!! :D

That’s great!! The role suits him smile Can’t wait to watch the movie!!

omg!!!! :D
he would be awesome!! :D <3
hahaha but he will have to be a little crazy XD kekeke
cant wait!!!

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