Lucky male Wonder Girls fans this is a lucky break for you. Or an unlucky one depending on how you see it. The girls are no longer obligated to uphold the “No Dating Contract” they have been fulfilling since they debuted. On November 12th the girls were on a “Guerilla Date” in “Entertainment Relay“. On this eventful bus ride the girls dropped a bomb on reporters when they were asked a very special question. The answer itself caught the reporters off guard and got many fans excited in the process.

The reporters inquired about the girls feelings on their mandatory “No Dating Rule” implemented by management. The had asked if there where any complaints that were amongst the group. All of the members threw up their arms in an X symbol simultaneously. They were then prodded being asked if they sneak around the managements rules and date anyways, even if it’s forbidden. Although that was also a no they revealed that the entire rule had been abolished.

The other members cheered as Ye Eun mentioned that due to their comeback the ban had been lifted. Reporters were quick to tell male viewers to hurry up and give a call to the Wonder Girls. This made the whole bus burst into laughter. The girls have finally started promotions for their new album. The have made their comeback with “Be My Baby” on Music Bank.

I think that’s awesome, more power to the girls. They seem to be very happy with the ban lift and I think it’s nice for them to be able to date and feel human at least. It makes me wonder what other groups are under this “contract“. I say let them date!


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glad they can now:D

That’s great that they’re freer now :D

They couldn’t date? :(
Totally unfair!!!
Well glad they can now! ^^

glad they can freely date now ^^!

lol too funny. glad the contract is over for them. yeah i wonder who else is under this rule lol

I actually feel a bit bad for their male fans. XD But I hope they can handle it. ^^

congrats wonder girls ^^ they deserve it

oh that is great to hear smile
good luck to them finding the right one :D

Cool. Hope they find the guy of their dreams raspberry
Thx 4 sharing :D

Cool! Hope they find their Mr Right smile

glad to see them happily promoting ^^

Yes! Next hot story to look forward . An idol from a group which is not allowed to date gets found out dating one of the wg

that’s good to hear smile

cool, congrats to them. thanks for sharing ^_^

that’s good that they get to date freely now smile
they can live slightly more normal lives raspberry

lol I wonder if they’re gonna date anyone now…

oh that’s nice that they’re able to date now wink

they should be able to date!

LOL, I hope they will find a nice guy if they decide to date.

Lucky guys. You can now make your moves on the Wonder Girls! Hehe.

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