For those who don’t know what being 4D means, it’s a Korean slang term for someone that is extremely eccentric, wacky and at times, a bit deranged! However, it is not meant to be an insult, but rather a compliment towards their strong personalities. In the Kpop industry, there are many 4D celebrities that make us love them even more. Have a look at 10 of the most well-known 4D’s out there.

2NE1’s Bom

Despite being in a group full of crazy and energetic girls, Bom is definitely the girl known for her 4D personality. Her never-ending love for corn and random outbursts has made her one of the most entertaining Korean singers.

Big Bang’s TOP

TOP, the man with charming eyes and a voice that could melt gold. He also happens to be quite abnormal at times, by displaying his love for toys and crazy hats. Quite the contrast! Even Bom thinks that he’s from another planet.

T-ara’s Hyomin

Hyomin, who is also sometimes known as the Folding Screen, has such a strange and unique sense of humor that it’s just about impossible not to laugh at her crazy antics. Her dorky dance and ‘I-don’t-care’ attitude make her loved by all.

Super Junior’s Yesung

He may be charming and serious on stage, but when he’s not performing, Yesung is a weird guy without even trying to be. His over the top dances and even his pet (tortoise) make him far from common!

Beast’s Hyunseung

Beast’s leader is definitely one that will go down in history as the most distracted one. He is constantly in his own world, saying and doing things that no one other than himself seems to understand, but that’s why we love him!

FT Island’s Seunghyun

This guy must have been influenced by Hongki! He used to be FT Island’s cute maknae, but now he’s the member that keeps the group on their toes with his awkward dances and screeches.

U-Kiss’ Kiseop

Kiseop started off as the shy, quiet member of U-Kiss, but when he broke out his shell, he let go of his image too. He may be an ulzzang (best face), but he never worries about how he looks when he lets loose.

2AM’s Jokwon

Jokwon is on such a high level of 4D-ness that he even got his own name for it: kkap! He has a talent for turning adorable or even sexy dances to pure entertainment. His facial expressions and just about everything that comes out of his mouth is beyond unique.

Wonder Girls’ Sunmi

This lovely lady always manages to stun with her dancing and singing, but she also catches attention for her outrageous habits. So much so that she is even known as the original 4D. Considering how many there are, that’s an awesome achievement!

SHINee’s Onew

Onew just has a way of turning any atmosphere into one of pure awkwardness. His ideas only sound genius in his head, but once he makes them known, he only gets made fun of. Luckily, his group has a way of keeping him under control…most of the time.

As crazy as these people are, we love them even more for that! Are there any other stars that you wanted to see on this list? Keep your eyes open, there might just be a part 2!

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HAHAHAHAH!! TOTALLY LOVE ONEW CONDITION! I can’t get enough of him and his dorkiness xD

Hmm..I can’t see Kwangmin from Boyfriend on this list..
Boyfriend’s Kwangmin is known for his 4D personality xD LOL, love that boy ^^ ♥

I cant help it but laughed about Hyunseung, Bom, Kiseop&Onew;.UKISS members hates Kiseop doing random stuff&Eli;thinks hes childish but he brought laughter to others

Omgosh that Onew vid killed me. XDD Now I demand a part 2 with Jae and HJL. :3

Lol~ Yes! I think Kim Hyung Joong and Mir and G.O. should be on here, too. They’re all so unique, lol.


onew’s condition

GodOfSpaceKimHyunJoong - 12/09/11 11:35 pm

i thought the leader of beast is kikwang?...add kim hyun joong!

...actually Doojoon is the leader…

MissyRaii - 12/08/11 10:09 am

??? Hyunseung is Beast leader??? ?o?  o____O” w.u.t?
ok that Jokwon picture is gonna gimme nightmares Dx

It was from the game they were playing. Hyunseung is the “leader” on that side of the team smile

<3 T.O.P <3 Bom and Jo Kwon are my favs xD

i thought the leader of beast is kikwang?...add kim hyun joong!

??? Hyunseung is Beast leader??? ?o?  o____O” w.u.t?
ok that Jokwon picture is gonna gimme nightmares Dx

Hyunseung is not B2ST/BEAST’s leader. Dujun is.

i thought kim hyun joong would be on the top of the list..! :(
but it’s fine coz almost all of my faves are in it. T.O.P, Yesung,Jokwon,Onew,Seunghyun,Kiseop :DD

BAHAHAHA ~ Oneeeeeeeeew!


theres always that one member of the group xD but jaejoong has 4d personality has well !

Amazed how you could forget Kim Hyun Joong :O

ALL of these have made me laugh :D they have definitely made my day lol xD

onew.. you´re a genius^^ love you <3

U forget two of Top best friend...Kim Hyun Joong and Kim quite dissapointed w this list...when i first read the title...i was hoping for those three bf(Kim JaeJoong,Kim HyunJoong and Top) in the list but i only see Top on the list…

omo...onew~~ he is soo adorable! 

omg Seunghyun is so funny that’s why he is 16D!! Jokwon, Yesung and Kiseop are so funny. Onew...He just has Onew condition XD Watching Bom, I realized I act like that a lot haha

where is jaejoong??DX

hahahhahahahahahahahhaha!!!! EPIC

lol i love this list!! xD
Seunghyun is even nicknamed 16D actually =))

haha, it’s all my favourite people <3
i just LUUURRVVEEE crazy people, they’re so adorable => even tho i didn’t know Hyunseung was 4-D, he was still my bias, now i luv him more <3
<3 <3 <3 Kiseop, Hyunseung, Seunghyun, Onew <3 <3 <3

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