Back in September, it was revealed that INFINITE was moving to a brand new dorm after winning their first trophy on Mnet’s M!Countdown with “Be Mine”. Finally, INFINITE has revealed the dorm for the world to see!

On ‘Strong Heart’, back in September, Woohyun revealed that their old dorm had a leaky roof and moldy walls. A month and a half later, Sungjong appeared on the show and revealed a video comparing the new and old dorm and instantly you can see a MAJOR difference. For example, it’s in a modern style building, there’s a security system, and they have A LOT more space!

SNSD’s Yoona and Tiffany were also on the show and they congratulated INFINITE on their hard work, and Tiffany revealed her favorite member…Hoya. :)

Check out the video below.

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yay! Great for them.
They really deserve to stay in that dorm. smile

It looks so nice! I’m so happy for them. They definitely have worked hard for it! And they look so happy too!

i’m sooo happy for infinite they deserve it!

OMGOSH, such a messy home! XD How about censoring it? XD LOL, joke~

i’m glad that they got new dorms ^_^

Their new dorm looks really amazing! So much better than their old one >O<

Wo~w. Their new dorm is pretty kickbutt. It’s so big!!!

Awesome! Thank you for giving them a comfortable new dorm for my INFINITE boys!^^♥♥♥ Congrats on getting a new dorm, INFINITE♥

thank god they are given a new dorm now, they deserve it !! the old one was shocking ._.

Oops! Accidently hit the Geeky button!! Anyways, Congratulations Infinite!!!

Awww.. After seeing their dorm in Sesame Player, I kinda felt bad for them. They worked so hard, they so deserved this new dorm! :D

Such a nice dorm!! :O

their old dorm was heartbreaking to see T__T

Their dorm looks very nice! And I’m glad they got a nicer dorm, they do deserve it! 

Yay, they upgraded. ^^ Still messy. lol. 

OMG, I wish I can come into their dome!

:O BUNK BEDS~~~!!!

Nice dorm ^^
Bunk beds=fun xD

oh wow!!! that is such a nice dorm! they deserve it for all their hard work :D

such a big & nice dorm~!!

Cool! Nice dorm
Thanks for sharing smile

:O so niiice~~

oh how nice! the boys deserve it!^^

ohhhh cool XD thanks for sharing

pretty nice dorm!
ty for sharing

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