Not too long ago I have listed the 10 idols with puffy cheeks. Well, anyone ready for a part 2? No? Yes, I know I have missed out a lot on the first list. This one should satisfy you, most of you. Shall we take a look?

Now, suck in some air and hold it in your mouth!

B1A4 - Gongchan and Sandeul

*Squeals* I need to pinch those cheeks!

BEAST - Gikwang

Someone wanted Gikwang on the list. Thanks for asking!!

INFINITE - Sungyeol

SHINee - Taemin

Oops! Only one side of his cheek puffed up.

2PM - Taecyeon

You did not expected this now did you? Well, I sort of coincidentally found this picture, so there.

Wonder Girls - Sohee

Her cheeks are naturally puffy, what can I say? Dumplings, anyone?

Lee Minho

Thought I should add an actor on the list.


FT Island - Jonghun

Too adorable. How can I not put him on the list?

Okay, so I forgot this important fella, well-known for his mochi cheeks. Wait for it…wait for it…

Super Junior M - Henry

A little extras.

Watch this video too.

Amazing how his cheeks could stretch like that. Anyone dares to challenge the almighty mochi cheeks?

List stops here. Time to deflate your poor cheeks now. So, what do you think of this list?

(Avg: Need 5 votes)



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u forgot to put Key during Hello MV ... now that’s what we call a cutie pie boy ...

waaaaa my baby le min ho >.<

These pics are so cute!^^

Should add Minzy smile

you should’ve done Jessica. she’s always doing it!!

donghae kiss henry cute

Lol how cuteeee! XD

everybody looks cute!

Hen-munk!~ >w<
Haha, too adorable! <3

still ="= missing Ang Ang Wooyoung :(

My Jonghun :D <3

henry’s cheeks cannot be beat XD <3 ahhh gongchan and sandeul!! the kpop cuties~ and i can’t believe i forgot about l.joe, his cheeks are so squishy!

kkkk ~ HENRY !! so cute !! xD

Cuteness overload… Sandeul and Gongchan! smile
Thanks for sharing Melanie smile

ahhh too cuteeeeee ><><><><><

taemin <3 :D
henryyyyy ! 

Yaaay~ thanks for putting Henry on! Ultimate Mochi cheeks kyaaah~!

AHHH there’s my Mochi cheeks! Save the best for last i spose! ahahah i love baby tomatoes but i love them more now that I’ve seen Henry stuff ‘em in his mouth! ahaha XD <3 <3

Ahaha, Henry and his adorable cheeks! *squeal*

Henry is really cute ^^; !!

YUSH! You put up Henry! Haha and you put up extras of him! Wonderful! I love you already xD Ehehehe…

hahaha! <3 adorable!~ :D <3

Lee Minho oppa smile
ur just too cute OMG!! so cute
thx for sharing smile

lol very very puffy~

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