This round of KPOP Idol-Off was a battle between two popular idols, Changmin (TVXQ) vs. Key (SHINee). For this round of battle, a TVXQ Poster, SHINee Poster, Kyuhyun Autographed Photo and a Jessica Autographed Photo were at stake. Let’s find out which team won.

Flood Runner
[Changmin] valkrie123 - 5760
[Key] Melanimelover - 11810
This match begins as Team Key’s Melanimelover takes the lead with a top score of 11810 points. Team Changmin’s valkrie123 had to outscore two other members from Team Key in order to surpass her score. Team Key earns the first point, putting the scores at 0-1.

Galaxy Wars: For the Sake of the Universe
[Changmin] epic_eggroll - 1073735
[Key] thecatnapper - 735261
No other gamer was able to top Team Changmin’s epic_eggroll’s high score for this game, not even Team Key’s thecatnapper. With Team Changmin taking this point, the scores are now tied at 1-1.

[Changmin] hanayo - 569520
[Key] bentheshortall - 616400
It looks like Team Key’s bentheshortall managed to reach the highest score for the game of Iceblast. Team Key gets another point, pulling them back into the lead with the scores at 1-2.

[Changmin] luvtvxq - 406175
[Key] estherloveskpop - 502784
We see that Team Key’s estherloveskpop scored the highest in the game of Squzzle. Team Changmin’s luvtvxq could not get a score high enough to top hers. Team Key snags another point, and the scores are now at 1-3.

[Changmin] aiislove - 5262
[Key] ShiroNekoXIII - 5253
We see that there was fierce competition between Team Changmin’s aiislove and Team Key’s ShiroNekoXIII. By a mere 9 points, Team Changmin’s aiislove managed to score higher and take the point for her team. The scores are now at 2-3.

Monster Evolution
[Changmin] SUJUSJ - 22612
[Key] Jjamjjoo - 22885
Scores were close between the two teams for this game as well. In the end, Team Key’s Jjamjjoo was able to score higher than Team Changmin’s SUJUSJ. Team Key is still in the lead with the scores at 2-4.

Accumetry (tiebreaker)
[Changmin] Arishay - 10
[Key] NamemieXD - 15
For this game, everyone tried their best to get the lowest score possible. However, it was Team Changmin’s Arishay who got the lowest score of 10 points. Team Key wins this super close match with the final scores left at 3-4.

Key advances to the next round! Who will he fight against next? We’ll find out soon!

Stay tuned for the announcement of the two random winners of the TVXQ Poster, SHINee Poster, Kyuhyun Autographed Photo and the Jessica Autographed Photo.

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Yay Team Key!! 

Congrats Team Key! Hwaiting~♥

Yay! We won! Congrats Team Key! ^^

Congratulations to Team Key! You guys did awesome :D

team key good job ! ^^

Yay! We won!! :D

congrats team key :D

Congrats Team Key:)

Congrats to team key!

Cool, now I’m doomed for the next match. OTL I got a Key pin though! XD

congrats team key

Congrats to us Team Key! ♥

Congrats to Key Team!

congrats to the winning team

Congratulations Team Key! smile

Yay for team Key! And great job by team Changmin too <3

Congrats Team Key! Good game everyone~ ^-^

Congratulations to team Changmin and his fans
for getting him this far~~ Good work guys!
Better luck next time though ^ ^ Changmin Fighting!!

changmin all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!


YES, Team Key won! Great job guys!! ^__^

Yes! Go team Key! We didit!

Woohoo, Team Key, we did it ^^

congrats to team key :D! 

Yay! I picked the right hyung!! ^-^

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