INFINITE’s Sung Gyu recently revealed that he is scared of dogs, and guess what? INFINITE is taking in 3 dogs… uh oh.

ON November 19th, INFINITE and A Pink will be the foster parents for a group of rescued dogs on KBS 2TV’s “Declaration of Freedom Saturday - Birth of a Family”. A total of 8 dogs were rescued from an abusive owner, and three of them will be temporarily taken in by INFINITE.

The INFINITE members are very excited to meet the dogs and play with them, but…not Sung Gyu. Sung Gyu apparently is afraid, and apparently freezes up even if it is just a puppy that is approaching him. Many people are hoping that Sung Gyu will overcome his cynophobia while the dogs are with INFINITE and eventually become close friends with the dogs.

Awww…I hope Sung Gyu will be able to overcome his fears. I’m sure that will be quite difficult though.

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awww hope he gets over his fear
dogs are cute~

Oh, I hope he overcomes his fear!
It might be like Onew in Hello Baby.

LOL I remembered watching one episode of that and Sunggyu was definitely scared of the dogs. Hopes he overcomes his fears soon :D

i think he will change after the dogs are in the dorm ;D He will love them, I hope ^_^ Don’t be afraid Sunggyu! Hwaiting ^^

Awwww, I hope he gets over his fear with the help of his members ^^

Awhh, I find it so adorable ^^
Don’t worry Sunggyu, we’ll support you!~
INFINITE hwaiting! 

this reminds me of SS501 Kim kyu jong. SS501 once had a tv show called thanks for raising me up which they had to take care of a dog. and he’s scared of the dog. but he eventually love the dog, he even owns lots of dog soft toy to overcome his fear…
so, sunggyu dont worry! this show will definitely cure your fear, hehe…
hmm, maybe i should give him lots of dog soft toy...:D

Adopting dogs is a show now? or this is just a part of a show?  Hope he will be fine.

LOL good luck to Sunggyu xD

LOL aww its ok sunggyu, they’re not gonna kill you XD

That was just soo cute~~~~ hahaha

xD so is my mom

awww hope he overcomes his fears >__<
doggies are so cute!!! <3 :D
Sunggyu-oppa hwaiting!!! ^O^

im like that too! even when a puppy run towards me… i’ll just avoid it… haha raspberry

kkk ~ but still i think that’s pretty cute, hope he can get over this ! :D

I am scared of dogs too. Sunggyu fighting!

Awww~ Sung Gyu!!!!! I really feel bad for him. I hope he can get over his fears quickly so he can enjoy his time with the dogs. Hwaiting!!!

lucky puppies raspberry but that’s kinda cute you know, scared of adorable doggies raspberry
Sunggyu <3

Aweeeee. Even puppies? :(

He’s over it though… I thought

that is just like meh smile
dog-scared buddies sunggyu :D

lol dogs are so cute. its cats that he needs to be afraid of

i saw him in a picture holding a dog~
so i guess he got over it~

I kind of understand him. I got chased by a dog when I was younger. Has been extremely afraid of them since. D: But I don’t think it’s as bad as him. :/ Hope he’ll overcome it.

Don’t worry oppa I am too and I’m sure other people are too!

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