Recently, a video of a few SNSD members having an interview with ‘Access Hollywood‘ has been revealed!

‘Access Hollywood’ is a famous weekday television program that provides many different news and interesting gossip about Hollywood celebrities. They sat down with the members Tiffany, Jessica, and Sooyoung for an interview entirely in English. The girls talk about their first experience in recording an English album, and share stories about the group’s development.

Check out the video below:

What do you guys think of their English skills?

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Sooyoung is speaking fluent english!!! OMONA!!!

Em...their english is ok >.<

Sooyoung’s English has improved so much!

omg Sooyoung’s English is so good! Tiffany and Jessica not too surprised there xD

wow their english is pretty good :D!
sooyoung is so cute ><

sooyoung’s english is improving! nice :D

sooyoung is sooo cute ahahaha i like it when jessica speaks english

Sooyoung is so cute when she speaks english ^.^

Tiffany! She sounds better when speaking English! =}

wow sooyoungs eng is actually quite good ^^

Wow Sooyoung’s English impressed me. 

It’s nice to see them on an American show smile

really good English ^_^ but they grew up in the states so it makes sense. I really like the English version of the boys and the Korean version ^_^ they did a great job on both of them!

they have really good english smile

good for snsd..i wanna see the maknae smile and i really want to see b2st speak fluent english.. so then i dont have to google translate my mention for them.. LOL!

Really fluent English SNSD ^^ wish I saw them on television

Their English is so fluent. I hope other Artist are also good in English like them. (But I don’t have to worry cause my love Nichkhun can speak in English) ...  LOL.. ♥

Now, I wish a lot of more artists could speak English. OTL (please SHINee, please!)
So fluent~~

Aw~ i knew they would do fine during the interview.
Their English is fluent. smile

sooyoung english is so fluent :O wow she really has worked hard !! & as usual jessica and tiffany <33

Sooyoung is working hard. i really love her. fighting!

Thanks for sharing! ^-^

Nice! Thanks for sharing^^
Cant access video now, will check the interview out later…

tiffany and jessica are from usa, obviously their english is good. All the awards to Sooyoung’s english (Y)

sooyoung! she’s good ^^

Wow, how awesome that they did an interview for Access Hollywood!! Aaah, i’m amazed. I’m sure the US is ready for Girls’ Generation. ^^

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