November 17th “Marie Claire” revealed their December issue with our girl Victoria. She showed off a chic feminine beauty opposed to her innocent and cute charm. She shows off a more mature sense of style and oozes gorgeous charm. She looks like she can pull off just about any outfit! Victoria got to model their Autumn Apparel complete with oversized knit cardigan and fitted coat. These two items just happen to be this Fall/Winters hot items.

With all of the other girls of F(x) away with their own busy schedules, Victoria may just be a pocket ace for the Korean model industry. People have even praised her for the shoot already, due to her natural adaptation to the scenes and clothing.“Victoria has a natural talent for fashion sense and her poses were very professional, which contributed a lot for the concept. She surprised all of the staff throughout the shoot.”A Photo shoot official credited.

After this it hasn’t been released what Victoria has up next. Amber has her starring role in “Invincible Youth Season 2” and Krystal has MBC’s “High Kick Season 3” on her plate. No word on the other members schedules as well. I wish they were to have been at one of the concerts in America! I would have loved to have seen them perform! Regarding the photo shoot I love how her makeup isn’t thick and the style chosen looks like something a normal person could pull off. Shes got such a mature beauty, I don’t know how to describe it. She’s flawless like a doll!