Previously, it is reported that Wonder Girls faced an unfortunate event on Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown‘ where their victory trophy fell and shattered. Yubin, who was responsible for the broken trophy, then apologized for her clumsiness. What’s past is past, the girls finally got a replacement for their broken trophy from Mnet!

Relieved, Yubin tweeted, “We received the new trophy safely. Thank you! This time we will take good care of it.” The photo came along soon after. Can’t blame her since she did not have the intention to let the trophy slip from her hands, who would want that?

Congrats again to Wonder Girls! Long live Mnet!

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she better be more careful this time. 

I’m glad they got a new one! Hope they win plenty more trophies :D

lol I’m happy they got another one

Yay, new trophy...that’s nice after last week’s unfortunate event.

lol im glad they got the replacement! haha too funny when it broke b4.

hehe.. yea… but im sure they will

LOL sorry i couldn’t help but laugh when they broke the first one xD but hope they take care of this trophy

That’s so nice of Mnet! And congratulations to Wonder Girls! 

:O nice! not all programs will give you an extra trophy!! 

That’s so sweet of Mnet! XD And congratulations again, Wonder Girls! ^^ I’m sure Yubin will take good care of it now. XD

Congrats WG!^^ Of course, I won’t blame you for that incident smile Take care of this one~

ahaha good that she will take good care of it xD

congrats to Wonder Girls ^_^ i’m proud of them <3

Lol, she’s holding it so carefully. The trophy is beautiful ^^

That good for them :D
MAke sure you dont break anything else tho raspberry

hope she will take care of it raspberry

Hope they will cherish it!

aww mnet is so sweet~
yubin must feel better now~

chukahabnida ! kkk ~ so cute !

yes, please take care of it ^-^

Hold it don’t drop it raspberry

Congratz to them and.. Please be careful!!!!

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