Photos of singer IU falling down at the ‘2011 Melon Music Awards’, which was held on November 24 at the Olympic Park’s Stadium, has surfaced on the internet.

As she walks on stage to receive her award for 2011 SK Planet Song of the Year (”Good Day“), she loses her balance and falls down. However, the young singer quickly got up and flashed a bright smile as if nothing happened.

IU receiving her award and falling

And if you haven’t already, then check out her performance at this year’s award show below!

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Even when she falls she still is adorable and her performances were AMAZING

poor IU… but still cute & adorable

she was overwhelmed! 

hope she’s okayy now !! 

professional style!!!:X

I hope she didn’t get hurt. She’s always smiling, even at a time like this; I would’ve died of embarrassment.^^

xD LOL~ IU is so cute ^^ I hope she’s okay

Awhhh! I hope she wasnt too badly hurt ><
And shes always so smileyy :3 ^^

awwww poor IU i’m glad she wasn’t hurt

awww i hope she’s ok ! but did anyone else get scare by that man with the weird helmet on his head XD?

i saw it!!! poor iu .. glad that she’s ok…

Wow, how emberassing~ But those shoe heels are also crazy and the floor looks very slippery too. Nice how she just stood up as nothing had happened though. ^-^

Poor IU~

Glad she’s fine^^

Awww, she’s clumsy like me xD At least she’s OK smile

Poor IU!
She’s so cute! Amazing that she could smile and laugh =]
love her

Poor IU.
Glad she’s not injured.
It’s amazing that she could still smile after that.
So cute. smile

I love “Cruel fairytale”
HWAITING IU! It’s okay that you fell.
At least she isn’t injured!

Aw. D: At least she knows how to shake it off. <3

ouch o;

but she is still so cute. And amazing preformance c:

*hugs* hope she’s ok. <3

Awww...she’s so cute and handled it really well. :D

awww ouch that must have hurt >___<
hope she was okay!
congrats IU~~~!! :D hwaiting!

awww haha poor IU but she recovered rlly fast n still looked cute as ever <3

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