This wasn’t just an innocent peck on the lips, but some full on lip locking! Fans were watching the live broadcast of the 2011 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) with the hope of seeing their favorite groups on stage, but resulted in getting more action then they hoped for!

The event took place during the live world wide broadcasting of the 2011 MAMAs when B2ST took the stage performing an orchestra version of “Fiction”. Mid-way through the song, HyunA appeared on a bloody bed with a graveyard like theme overhead with Hyunseung soon dancing across the stage. The pair delivered a short sexy dance, and then engaged in a full on mouth-on-mouth lip lock, that enraged fans across the globe! After the short dance, HyunA then disappeared from sight, and the remaining B2ST members took the stage once more to finish their performance.

HyunA and Hyunseung are the first unit group from CUBE Ent, but perhaps they have more of a connection then we all first thought?

What’s done is done, and they can’t take it back. However, B2ST’s fans are certainly doing there all to make HyunA prevent it. Angry and rude remarks have already been made against HyunA from plenty of loyal B2ST fans.

I’m curious on how CUBE will stop a scandal from happening about this duo.

What are your thoughts on this situation?

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I think it’s adorable that they kissed! I’m really mad with how B2ST fans are handling this though >.< I’m a B2UTY, and I don’t mind at all!

Boy.. I was SUR. PRISED. O.O

I was surprised when I saw this but I wouldn’t hate Hyuna for this. I really don’t mind that they kissed.

I dont hate Hyunah nor i like her… just neutral… but i just dont seem to feel her carrying that sexy image. maybe i started watching her in Invincible Youth, n she still remains that little kid who cries to me.. haha… i like her being pure n adorable
as for Hyunseung.... u CAN NOT ! u r teasing too much…

It’s so cute :3
In my opinion anyway…

i was really really really shock at this actuall! i mean.. never did i ever thought that there would be something like this on a live korean music program.. i mean really? gosh.. a bit too much..

I was totally shocked when I saw this! hahaha.

I’m jealous :(

I do not know… I am happy. xD

I think it’s cute :3

Fans should not be freaking out over this so much. I never saw the video, but from the sound of it, I think the fans are over reacting. The Idols over in Korea, and anywhere else for that matter, are human beings too. Just because they are famous doesn’t mean they can’t have lives as well. It’s gonna happen eventually where all of these idols either get into a relationship or married, so the fans better suck it up and be fans. Support them and their relationships, don’t bash who they chose to date, b/c in the end you will only hurt the ppl you care about. Imagine how Hyunseung feels when he hears that all of his fans are enraged and sending hateful messages to Hyuna. I know we all love them, believe me I DO! I love them just as much as anyone else, but I want them to be happy. So if their fans really care for him, they will stop being hateful and mean and support his relationship whether it’s with Hyuna or anyone else for that matter.
*sigh* thank you ^-^

aish those people don’t have lives =__=

I hope people don’t start bashing either one cause of the kiss… It was all part of the act anyways.
I wasn’t expecting it but the dance was pretty sexy.

LUCKY BASTARD...hard enough to watch it!!!!~~A GUY. LOL, Hyunseung is lucky i’m a big B2ST fan smile.

ohhh O.O i feel bad for all the Hyunseung biased fans out there...aand for hyuna AND Hyunseung. cuz there are some aangry fan girls and fan boys out there...o.o

wish i was here >< raspberry

lmfao i knew this was gonna be news XD i was shocked when i saw it haha. i didnt care much for it tho since im not a super fan of either of the two, but yeah idk, fans can take things a lil too close to heart sometimes. idk...i mean there were rumors about them before so i wouldnt be shocked nor would i care if they were an item, but at the same time it was for the performance so it could mean nothing. this is prob the reaction they were looking for. they knew it wasn’t gonna make fans jumping for joy, but it did grab attention

i was ... shocked.. lol wasn’t expecting it. i was watching it live and then they kiss and i was like WHAT?! couldn’t even pause it since it was live streaming haha can’t wait til troublemaker comes out, wonder what they’ll do in the mv.. 

I’m fine with them kissing on stage but i thought they looked a little awkward...especially hyunseung XD
i was so surprised to see that happen on stage

The performance was kinda… “sexy"… like “sexual” kind of…

First reaction to this video: WOAH NO WAY. 

I hope fans don’t go crazy! 

woah, i totally didnt think cube would want them to do that (i’m assuming it was in the choreography & not just spur of the moment) :o

on the other note, when i saw the video, it totally looked like a kiss on the cheek o.o

the fans (harsh ones) really shouldnt start hating on the girl, esp. since she might not have a choice (though i do understand those that are shocked - my own heart would get a bit hurt if my bias was in hyunseung’s place, i must admit;)
and if there really is something - sadly, i dont think they’ll have a lot of support from the angry fans :T

hwaiting b2st! &i;look forward to what troublemaker has in store.

CUBE is really great! This is what fans “secretly” wanted lol

:O!!! No wayy!!! im spazzing out!!! Hyunseung oppa!!! -sobs-

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