This wasn’t just an innocent peck on the lips, but some full on lip locking! Fans were watching the live broadcast of the 2011 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) with the hope of seeing their favorite groups on stage, but resulted in getting more action then they hoped for!

The event took place during the live world wide broadcasting of the 2011 MAMAs when B2ST took the stage performing an orchestra version of “Fiction”. Mid-way through the song, HyunA appeared on a bloody bed with a graveyard like theme overhead with Hyunseung soon dancing across the stage. The pair delivered a short sexy dance, and then engaged in a full on mouth-on-mouth lip lock, that enraged fans across the globe! After the short dance, HyunA then disappeared from sight, and the remaining B2ST members took the stage once more to finish their performance.

HyunA and Hyunseung are the first unit group from CUBE Ent, but perhaps they have more of a connection then we all first thought?

What’s done is done, and they can’t take it back. However, B2ST’s fans are certainly doing there all to make HyunA prevent it. Angry and rude remarks have already been made against HyunA from plenty of loyal B2ST fans.

I’m curious on how CUBE will stop a scandal from happening about this duo.

What are your thoughts on this situation?