Super Junior’s Siwon recently revealed a photo of himself that had fans drooling buckets.

On November 28, Siwon uploaded the above photo through his Twitter account and tweeted, “There were a lot of people in the restaurant but I really thank you for understanding the part. Thank you, bibigo (a name of the restaurant).”

Although Siwon is only wearing a simple white T-shirt in the photo, the tightness of the shirt exposes his muscular body underneath.

Fans gushed, “His body is great,” “He’s got the best body,” “He makes my heart beats so fast,” “He got a great body,” and “His body is as great as his looks.”

Wow, Siwon looks just as good clothed as he is shirtless.

Source: Siwon’s Twitter

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what is this Siwon. Are you Mr. Simple? Is that why you can rock a t-shirt and jeans so well?! 

its superman!!!

Oh Siwon XD

Siwon looks hot and sexy…

ahhh another example of Siwon-oppa’s amazing versatility in clothes XD
so good-looking~

lets face it...siwon looks hot in anything

i guess it would be much better if he hasn’t have one!

yup!~ He is handsome&has;a great body!~ <3

wahh so hot! He has a really great body! :D

Wow. Seriously, so hot. 

he can literally wear anything.. and he will still be sexy. :D

He looks good in anything I think.

hell ya he looks sexy!

He’s looking goooooooood :F

what a body, looks great :D

sometimes a simple plain shirt is the sexiest

He does look nice tho :D

Ahh...he always looks so handsome smile

Nice figure which wear anything also that suave!! ^^

niiiice =] hehe u can tell he has a great body in that shirt lol

he really looks cool even in casual cloths.

hehehe he looks great ^^
He does have a nice body.
His body shapes the shirt nicely smile

He’s indeed sexy!
But I prefer other hairstyles on him wink

I just expect this pic. That’s true. Siwon so sexy..

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