Recently we all enjoyed a discussion about which idols should take of their top off regardless of them having abs. The idols in part weren’t the only one’s who need to do that since they haven’t done so already. Here’s a list of 8 more kpop hotties who need to join the trend. This list doesn’t include idols who have already shown us their chocolate abs constantly, even through, yes, they totally should keep their tops off, but that fan service would just cause too much nosebleeds….

Kyuhyun. Gyah! look at Kyuhyunie covering up so tightly with that coat. Now that won’t do at all! Doesn’t he know that there are millions of girls waiting for him to take off his top? Maybe I’m missing it and he did in fact take off his top. I know that’s not the case because by now it would have gone viral like crazy, considering the number of people wanting him to forget about his scars and confidently show off. We love you Kyuhyun no matter what and you showing your existent or nonexistent (IDK) abs can make everyone happy and you will also get over your fear. FTW!

Yesung and Ryeowook. The rumors I’ve heard about what dwells under his top drives me insane with curiosity. Other Suju members wholeheartedly claim he has a super sexy body but because of a certain birthmark he won’t show it to us…. Seriously look at his arms and then you can see what they are getting at. On the other hand Ryoewook has no sexiness connected to his musculature, being bonny and all, but his skinny body topless still gives me nosebleed issues. It needs to come off! (totally off topic I know, but while I was looking at Yesung’s pictures I came upon one with him and Jaejoong together when they were super young. It’s beyond adorable)

Junsu. Can words really explain the vibe 2PM gives out with their flesh? I don’t think so. No matter how many times I look at them, they must be sculpted out like those roman gods to have such perfect chocolate abs. Jusu could give couple of excuses here and there that he took off his shirt, but I haven’t really seen him compared to how much publicity other members have been getting about their muscles. (well there IS this one picture but he is turned sideways. He also doesn’t have any individual photos of himself) Stop torturing fans…..

Jang Geun Suk. Hmm, so he decided to show us his back. What about the front? well he did once show a picture of himself topless; he looked very skinny and had no muscles. Which, I might say looked perfect on him, and matched with his image well. He doesn’t really take off his shirt much because he said he feels embarrassed since he doesn’t have any muscles but I think he should be more confident because he is smoking hot.

Junhyung. I think it’s time for his top to reveal the hidden abs. We’ve known him for a while, have seen the other members looking utterly sexy, and drooled on our keyboards, but Junhyung oppa has been hiding from us too long already. He might not have as flashy muscle as Gikwang, but we know we’ll love it anyway. He is teasing us too much….

Leeteuk. He drives me crazy by being really adorable person. I swear when I saw this picture of him topless covering his armpit, I cracked up so hard I literally couldn’t take a breath for a while. I know he is trying to exercise and guess what that leads to…? We’ll soon see his newly obtained chocolate abs!! He is the one I’m waiting for the most.

Yoseob. WOW, boy I think you might just be one of the most unique ab bearers out there with you cute face combo. Why the heck are you hiding from us netizens? Seeing the picture below is a shock, but come on, if that is really him than HE NEEDS TO TAKE HIS TOP OFF AND SHOW HIS FACE! <3

Who do you want to see with their Top Off? Some people said Youngmin+Kwangmin, but even through I would like to see that one day, they are still too innocent and young.

(Avg: Need 5 votes)



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Ryeowook actually did flash his abs in his cover to Moves Like Jagger in their Super Show concert

waahh Kyuhyun take ur shirt off haha

I want Leeteuk n junhyung.  I fell in love with Leeteuk once I saw his abs in loveBonamana.... ** He need to show more!!!!!
But still T. O. P’s at the Top of my list..... XD

You totally could read my mind. I want to see Kyu and Yesung’s abs as well… Been waiting so log… *nosebleed

Kyu~~~I wouldn’t mind seeing that but it doesn’t match his personality too well :3 idk...hopefully one day...before that we can listen to his amazing voice. Teukie’s Bonamana performances are omg :3

hei gurls i have a poster of super junior WITH DONGHAE TOPLESSS smile
i can send you a picture if you want wink

btw yoseobs pictures looked photoshopped or something..anywayys

ShiroNekoXIII - 12/03/11 11:47 pm

Hehe~ Glad Yesung’s up there this time! <3
Donghae too though! I think Hyukkie was complaining once that Donghae’s manager was sulking over how Donghae exercised more than he ate because of his busy schedules. Poor Fishy, but I can’t help but get curious now~ >w<

i’m curious too ! c’on mr.fishy...! *grinning widely*

Farra - 12/06/11 8:43 pm

of course i have seen Eeteuk’s abs...kekeke...i want DONGHAE .... but i’ve seen it..Boys In City Hong Kong...finally,he’s topless…

and yeah...Yesung,Sungmin,Ryeowook,Kyuhyun...i want to see them topless...shortly,i want SUPER JUNIOR to make a topless photoshoot !!!

of course i have seen Eeteuk’s abs...kekeke...i want DONGHAE .... but i’ve seen it..Boys In City Hong Kong...finally,he’s topless…

Jang Geun Suk and Yoseob drove me crazy there for a second lols. Also I was staring at Kyu’s picture and I realized that his glove looks alot like my burn protection glove that came with my curling iron xD

dayummmmm ^^
def. yoseobbie, junhyung, kyuhyun & yesung (;

but [ahem] must give a shoutout to my bias, junsu (jyj) ^^

oh i seriously need to see Yesung’s! raspberry

KYUHYUNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST ONE LOOK!

haha~~~ Yoseob is soooo smart lols~

Leeteuk had his jacket unbuttoned throughout Bonamana and most of the promotions for that album, with no shirt on… Fell in love with him <3
But Yesung, YES. I don’t care about your birthmark, Yesung, I still wanna see it >:) And Kyuhyun and Wookie are so thin! But I agree especially with Kyu…

Hehe~ Glad Yesung’s up there this time! <3
Donghae too though! I think Hyukkie was complaining once that Donghae’s manager was sulking over how Donghae exercised more than he ate because of his busy schedules. Poor Fishy, but I can’t help but get curious now~ >w<

Yoseob already showed us his abs on Oh! My School. :D

Wookie already did -___-

oh come on. What age is too young? ._. we NEED Youngmin and Kwangmin to take their tops off Dx What about other younger stars like ChangJo? I mean Come on! The boy is 16 yet he’s working on his biceps and he looks older than his hyungs in Teen Top! since Taemin is gone, we need some new Jailbait~ T^T

in a recent video from super show 4 ryeowook covered moves like jagger and he kinda lifted his shirt…

Taemin4evr - 12/03/11 4:52 pm

Like ke$has song says “just take it off” lol

as pinks song says raise your glass.... to that!!!!

hell ya i’d like all of them to take there shurt of

Like ke$has song says “just take it off” lol

Hellll yes to ALLOFTHEMMM xD
Omds. Sucha perv LOLOL.


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