In the world of KPOP, there are many male idols who like to flaunt what they have (aka, muscles, biceps, abs) and netizens have called their abs chocolate abs, so named because their abs look like chocolate bars. Mmm. Yummy. Now that we’ve seen a look at idols with yummy chocolate abs, let’s take a look at the idols with yummier chocolate abs.

* Yummy Chocolate Abs: Abs that are show a little bit of definition, but not quite there yet.
** Yummier Chocolate Abs: More definition to the abs that can be found, but not quite at yummiest chocolate abs status.
*** Yummiest Chocolate Abs: The purest of the purest. Each part of the ab is well-defined and the abs remind you of chocolate.
**** Here’s a picture of chocolate abs, literally.

2PM’s Nichkhun.
The Thai Prince, who fell victim to a poor belly button photoshop for Men’s Health earlier this year, reveals his lovely chocolate abs for the camera. I suppose that working out in jeans does wonders for your abs, Nichkhun. But why you cover them up? Guess it’s for the sexy…right? Almost at the perfect chocolate abs, though!

BEAST’s Hyunseung.
Behold the hidden wonder that is Hyunseung’s abs! BEAST’s resident cutie Yoseob decided to reveal to all the adoring fans this fabulous picture through Twitter. Whaddaya know? Who would’ve thought that seemingly cute and “skinny” Hyunseung would have abs? And yummier chocolate abs at that! Yeah, Hyunseung, you know you’re so boss. We know that you have the goods. And his facial expression reads, “Worship me.”

BIG BANG’s Daesung.
There is seriously this trend going around where the innocent, cute-faced idols have these massive packs of abs. Seriously. Daesung? The ever-so smiling angel? He surprised so many fans with his hard, chocolate abs for his What’s Up promotional pictures. Just so drool-worthy. Really, the expression “never judge a book by its cover” is so true.

DBSK’s Yunho.
Mesa say hi to Yunho’s chocolate abs. Hey Yunho, you are taking off your tank just to show the ladies your beautiful abs, right? They’re definitely a thing of beauty. Perfectly rectangular, like chocolate pieces of a chocolate bar. Ah such bliss. If KPOP Chocolate abs bars ever came into being, we would need to sell some Yunho chocolate abs.

JYJ’s Jaejoong.
Not to be outdone by Yunho above, pretty boy Jaejoong shows off his otherworldly goods. Basically, Jaejoong is like a good. Pretty, handsome face, nice chocolate abs? That’s a deadly one-two punch combination right there! Guy works hard for what he has.

I think G.O is one of the most versatile idols out there. Imagine if he showed off his abs while he had his mustache. That would make him so gangsta. Or a bad boy. Now with his ’stache gone, his cute, baby face, coupled with his chocolate abs, make him a bagel man. Lookin’ so fly there, G.O! Just like your dance steps. I guess he be working his abs in the picture.

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon.
It’s definitely no secret that Lee Joon has an excellent set of abs. See those defined abs he’s sporting? Those abs definitely caused a lot of commotion when it was announced that he was to be the model of underwear brand “Kiss Republic”. Oh man. Those chocolate abs are totally swoon-worthy. Just a little more, keep pushing!

U-KISS’ Hoon.
Yowza! Hoon, is that really you? Just look at your amazing chocolate abs! (Actually, for some reason, the shape more reminds me of a beehive or something. Sorry ^^ - I think it’s the lighting) But boy, you be packin’ some serious abs. From this list, you are the number 1 contender to go to the yummiest chocolate abs list. It’s just a pity that other idols have better ones (you should learn from Kiseop, though).

U-KISS’ Soohyun.
Let’s all wave hello to the Sooabs! Aka, the abs of U-KISS’ wonderful leader, Soohyun. Ha, I love his expression in the top left corner. He’s like, “Yeah, I have abs. Why you so surprised?” But keep flaunting your abs, Soohyu. And show them off to the delight of screaming KISS MEs, yah? I’m sure they’d really appreciate it!

ZE:A’s Dongjun.
Pretty boys always be having yummy chocolate abs. Like many of the idols with cute faces, Dongjun was known for his cute image, but with his recent appearance in Men’s Health, he wowed everyone with his super fit body and fine chocolate abs. Though, in this picture, doesn’t he remind you of an Abercrombie & Fitch model?

U-KISS’ Kevin.
I really wanted to include Kevin earlier in the post because I had heard about his abs back during the time of “Shut Up”, but I couldn’t find a really good picture of his chocolate abs (my my, his face is so pretty that his abs made everyone swoon), so dejected, I went to find other idols with yummier chocolate abs. But as I was writing this post, I was determined to find a picture. And I have! But at that time, I already found 10 idols and didn’t have the heart to kick one out in favor of another. So Kevin Woo, you get a very special mention on my post. Because I love pretty boys with abs. And because your abs are so win. My real aim, though, is to make you all keep losing blood, though. -evil laughter-

So there’s that for the idols with yummier chocolate abs. But wait! There will be more beautiful goodiness coming your way soon! Best start preparing those tissues because they will leave you bleeding. Through your nose. Because I’m saving the best for last. I ish evil.

Now that you’ve seen my definition of yummier chocolate abs, which idol do you think had the best? Or did you think someone else had better “yummier chocolate abs”? Be sure to stay tuned to the last chocolate abs edition: the yummiest chocolate abs edition!

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KHUN! and Taeyangg!!! :DD <33

-pushes hw aside- this is more important *w*
yesh, Dongjoon-ah belongs in an A&F;catalog *w*

Yummy delicious Yunnie XD And Daesung <3333333

>w< Daesung is the best :D ... you put Taeyang… why? XD

kekeke,JS i love you <3!!!!!!!!!!!!

better yet

Lee JOON Is the best and Yonho TOO (UKNOW) Love them both <3

I think you mixed up the picture and name of Taeyang & Daesung....The description says its about Daesung but you named it Taeyang.

Good god everyone on this list is making me flip out. XD I can’t handle their chocolate abs haha! Omg hoon where did those even come from?! Don’t forget 2AM! or Dongwoonie from B2ST x] kekeke

oh geez....almost died....legit....these r amazing....*bookmarks* XD i already showed the other one to my cousin today...gotta show her this one now!!! cant wait for the yummiest <3333

They are so good looking.
I have to say that Daesung was the biggest surprise. He just seemed like a teddy bear to me.
And I love your humour! Keep the chocolate abs coming! 

There’s also Kikwang’s… kekekeke and Dongwoon’s.... :D And all of 2AM kekeke Nicest ripped abs! 

WOOOO Kevin and SOOHYUN!!!  Hoon’s completely surprises me

your crack me up so much emily LOLOL
i couldnt believe that pic was g.o at first and hoon...with that innocent face of his i would never had thought he would have that type of body xD

keke @ Kevin’s special little mention ...but his abs during Shut Up was fake though wink

Wow, Nichkhun and Taeyang.. I didn’t even notice it was Taeyang.
Aw, Kevin looks so cute with abs. xD

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