On the December 13 episode of KBS 2’s Seung Seung Jang Gu, IU revealed her audition experiences before she became a successful singer.

IU confessed that she failed as many as 20 auditions. She said: “I auditioned for JYP Entertainment, one of the biggest [entertainment companies], but got eliminated.” Park Jin Young, the CEO of JYP, stated before that: “I will trace the one who eliminated IU for he is lacking professional disregard.”

IU also shared her audition for SM Entertainment: “I guess my appearance [wasn't] enough for making it into SM, while YG [Entertainment] wasn’t holding any auditions at that time.” (Whoever she auditioned for at SM must have had bad eyes, since IU is very cute and pretty…)

However, IU stressed that: “everything turned out fine. I ended up a singer anyway. The auditions before were exciting experiences for me.”

I think she’s a great role model and I love how she learned from her experiences and persevered to make her dream as a singer come true, even if she got eliminated and rejected so many times! Isn’t IU so awesome?


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wow! she really wants it! :3 I am happy for her! :3 JYP should really find whoever eliminated her.. and SM!!! GOSH! they are really proving the accusations towards them… they are only into good looks. ALSO! IU looks so pretty…

I m glad she didn’t gave up even after she has been rejected 20 times!

Wow too many times to be rejected good thing she never quit

wow can’t believe she got rejected so many times >w< she’s so pretty n talented! glad she finally got accepted!! love her! fighting!

awww i’m glad she was able to find her way into the industry.  she is certainly one of my favorites!

Lol I bet anyone who rejecte IU is wishing that they didnt!

wow! 20 auditions failed ... such a determined cutie lil girl~~

If SME heard this, i guess they will also do what Park Jin Young did....

It would’ve been nice if she got into JYP, they seem like the friendliest entertainment company out there and always sticks up for their artists. SM and their looks...sheesh. Glad she became what she did and fulfilled her dream ^^

Indeed she is beautiful and talented. The total package but it’s great she is what she wanted to be now. I like what Park Jin Young said. smile
It would have been very interesting if she went with JYP.

She is indeed beautiful but maybe she was not the image the other companies were looking for.

woah, she’s amazing! I’m glad she’s an artist!~ <3

well done IU! so proud of u girl. too bad JYP & SM let off such a precious girl back then…

I’m really glad she didn’t give up!! :D
She’s very amazing and talented~~

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