It was reported in OSEN that the ‘Bbuing Bbuing‘ pose has become a trend not only to the fans but also to the idols of Korea.

After last year’s “Yah bbang ggu ddong yah!” the MBC’s “High Kick” series created Bbuing Bbuing as the next trend phrase. Lee Jong Suk started this unexpected aegyo trend that captured many women’s hearts.

On October 19th, Teen Top—the first idol group to take on the challenge—uploaded selcas on their official me2day and Twitter showing Ricky and Changjo’s Bbuing Bbuing pose. Ricky posted:

Ricky and Changjo’s bbuing bbuing battle. If it’s about aegyo it’s definitely Ricky isn’t it? Right?

Jong Suk’s aegyo pose has spread to F(X), Teen Top, Boyfriend, AA, among others, gaining amazing responses from all fans. What is your reaction to this new trend?