On December 22nd, Korea’s diva, Lee Hyori will be holding a fan signing event to promote her 2012 Charity Calendar, where she’ll take advantage of the event to personally aid the sales and also spend some personal time with her fans. All proceeds garnered from the calendar will be directly donated to as of yet an unnamed charity.

On her Twitter, she wrote, “It’s not just a portion that will be donated, but everything. I’m going to keep my eyes open to make sure that none of it leaks into another pocket.”

The star had an epiphany to create this project as a method to initiate people from society to contribute their part to helping the cause of abandoned animals, especially for those that don’t know where to start or where to donate.

Thus, if you are in the need of a new calendar, the best way to start off the beautiful 2012 is with Hyori! It will keep you organized and nonetheless, give you a role in contributing to society, its like hitting two birds with one stone!