Our favorite KPOP idols may look superhuman on stage and sometimes it’s hard to imagine that they also need to brush their teeth and wash their faces. Luckily, you can say that you have a lot in common with your bias, as they have to do exactly what you have to do each day. Here are 10 pictures that serve as proof that every idol is actually rather normal.

Sure, they are always up to something, but Korean stars also need to recharge their batteries, just like us. 2NE1’s Dara may still look amazing while she sleeps, but hey, we can’t all be that lucky. Let’s just comfort ourselves with the fact that she’s still got makeup on.

Keeping Clean
Washing your hair and face regularly is not something that we always enjoy, but it has to be done. Even Sunny from Girls’ Generation has to wash her face daily, and Kim Tae Woo is also seen washing his hair! Let’s just hope he shaved after that!

Snacking on Junk Food
We all get those regular cravings for something sweet, greasy or just in some way unhealthy. Although every KPOP artist has an envy-worthy body, they too get those cravings and sometimes they just have to be satisfied. Take Orange Caramel’s Lizzy, for example. She loves sweets and never resists any temptation that comes her way.

Getting an Education
Whether it’s school or college, many of us are going through it or have gone through it. One thing is for sure: it’s not always fun. There are many young stars that still need to finish up their school lives, including miss A’s Suzy, 5Doll’s Eunkyo and Girls Day’s Hyeri. So, the next time you have to get up for school, just think about the fact that they must too!

Spending Time on the Computer
For you to be reading this, you’re most probably sitting in front of your laptop or computer. It’s definitely fun to spend tons of time in front of it, watching videos and reading articles on Ningin! KPOP idols may be extremely busy with their packed schedules, but they try to make time for their “tech time” whenever they can, just like Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, Sungmin and Eunhyuk.

When taken to and from their various schedules, KPOP idols are generally transported in buses or their manager’s cars. Still, these people need to maintain their independence and if they want to go somewhere for personal reasons, they’ve got to drive. Jewelry’s Semi is one of those idols, and she may still be learning, but we have to at least once in our lives too.

Watching TV
After a busy day, flopping onto the couch and watching all your favorite shows can be heavenly. It seems like KPOP idols like that too. They may not be lounging on a sofa, but SHINee’s Jonghyun and FT Island’s Hongki also seem to enjoy catching up on the music channels together. Sounds like you and your best friend, doesn’t it?

Eating Out
Since idols generally have to suit their meals to their job, they usually eat on the go, but they’re sure to eat at their local restaurant whenever they’re free. Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Taeyang sure seem to be enjoying their meals, just like we do on the odd occasion.

Shopping: the ultimate de-stresser and hobby. We all love it, and when SNSD’s Jessica isn’t on stage or gracing our screens with her variety skills, she’s shopping too! For some reason, we get the impression that idols never get the chance to shop by themselves, but the Ice Princess shows that even Hallyu stars need their retail therapy.

Whether we love it or hate it, if we want to eat and survive, we need to cook. Stars such as U-Kiss’ Alexander, Dongho and Kibum even need to sharpen their skills every now and again to make sure that they feed their members (and find wives one day). Next time you’re slaving over a hot stove, just remind yourself that your KPOP idols suffer through the same thing too.

So, after seeing the idols that you admire most doing things that actually prove their humanity, doesn’t it make you feel just that bit closer to them? They’re human too!

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Is the first picture 2NE1? I recognized Minzy immediately lol

ohhmykyuhyun - 01/25/12 12:55 am

I bet Kyuhyun is probably teaching them how to play Starcraft xD

And haha of course what else?!

I bet Kyuhyun is probably teaching them how to play Starcraft xD

Hahaha of course Super Junipr are the ones on the computer! And of course Kyuhyun is one of the people
In the pic!! xD

I love this article!!!! <3

.they’re just similar to us!:)..what if we’re the famous and they are the ordinary ones??keke!..what if??^^

That’s good that they’re doing normal day-to-day activities and not constant stardom stuff~ ^.^

They still look like idols regardless of doing ever day things though. >.<

Its nice to see they can do normal relaxing things as well ^^

It’s really great seeing them do everyday activities. It makes he happy to see that they have the time to act normal instead of like idols all the time.

theCaPiLoVe95 - 12/21/11 8:20 am

so cute <3 they are just like us, only a bit more popular :D

yea.. n they have tons of fans but we don’t…

yeah sure they are humans too! if feels nice seeing them acting Like normal people

so cute <3 they are just like us, only a bit more popular :D

yes it makes me feel closer to them raspberry

i love the picture of kyuhyun,eunhyuk and sungmin playing starcraft...the situation just exactly as what i always have in life...the different is they are playing games and i’m working

they are normal people just like us.. doing same things like we did… cleaning, shopping, studying, eating out.. hmm~ but i still love them.. idk why.. hahaha! 

they’re really just normal ppl with more public jobs. being idols doesn’t change their DNA to some super human X)

Haha. Ryeowook with his dramas, Kyuhyun + Shindong with their StarCraft, Donghae with his PSP/music/camera, Heechul + Siwon with their Twitter, and Leeteuk with his phone… SuJu really can’t live without their tech.... ^-^’’’

Jjong is soo cute smile

K-pop idols are still living a normal life. :3

hyukjae , sungmin and kyuhyun are sooooo cute

They’re so cute

makes them seem human for a while LOL raspberry

I like seeing how idols are just like everyone else. It makes you feel a little closer to them^^ It’s kind of hard to see them that way you finally look around and see how many fans they have and how hard it is to even speak to them:)

haha i like to see these pics ^_^ hehe

haha i love this post ^^

though sites like ningin have made me feel closer to them already ^^
the post was a nice reminder haha smile

though i’m still insanely jealous of most of them, since they look & behave better than many (including me ofc) doing these ‘normal things’ ^^


^lolll, i apologize for my off-tangent aside right there. hahaha

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