It’s been a tough year for Japan (with the earthquake and all), but Jpop artists still held it together and organized really big music events like the Video Music Aid Japan. All of the five artist(s) below accomplished a lot this year, but there is one that really outshines the rest. Let’s check out which Top 5 we have!

This was really a special year for SKE48. They changed their record labels to Avex Trax on the May 28th of this year, and had their first single (under Avex), Pareo no Emerald, released. Although most of their performances before Avex took place in Nagoya, this new single had really great response through Japan!

As one of the top Jpop groups, it’s no surprise to see Exile on this list. One album and two out of three of their singles made it to the #1 spot on the Oricon Chart. In addition, their performance at the VMAJ (Video Music Aid Japan) was rated as Top Performance!

Yamashita Tomohisa:
Yamapi has always been one of my favourite Jpop hotties. It was heartbreaking to see both him and Nishikido Ryo leave NEWS this year, but I must congratulate this boy on his success with his first solo album, Supergood Superbad! In addition, his single, Handakanbo, also hit #1 on the singles chart. Can’t wait to hear more music and watch more dramas from him!

To remember how KAT-TUN was the reason why I love Jpop, I can’t help but smile at their accomplishments this year. Not only was this year their 5th anniversary, it was a very busy one as well. From charity projects, to countless commercial endorsements, to musicals (Dream Boys), to a new TV show for next year, KAT-TUN really showcased the reason why they are top in the music industry. !

Girl’s Generation:
You might go “WHAT, Kpop”? Considering how much these girls have achieved in the Japan music scene this year, it’s too hard to not give them credit for it. First, Hoot and their album, Girl’s Generation, were certified GOLD by the Record Industry Association of Japan. Then, they released the Japanese single for Run Devil Run and Mr. Taxi, which both (as expected) did amazingly well. And then they had their first Japan-wide tour, and then they were nominated f-…I can go on for awhile, but you guys get my point .

And who wins Top Jpop artist of 2011?


From all the amazing Jpop artists this year, one really stood out from the crowd: KAT-TUN. Apart from what I’ve mentioned above, they released four singles this year, and yes, ALL FOUR made it to the Top Spot on the Oricon Chart. Kamenashi Kazuya also took part in a drama, Yokai Ningen Bem, which was originated from a fairly popular anime. I’m really excited to see what these boys have in store for us the coming year. If they EVER decide to collaborate with Akanishi Jin, I would have bucketful of tears of joy.

This blog post is part of the Ningin 2011 End of the Year Awards. When it comes to the best of 2011, your vote counts. Visit here for more details!

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SNSD wasted a spot on this. I think AKB48 should’ve won this, or at least be mentioned on the list. Not only did five of their 2011 singles reached #1 on Oricon, but they even held the top 5 spots on Oricon’s year-end singles chart with those singles.

<3 Yamapi and Exile.

WooHooo~ KAT-TUN!! <3 them. And Yamapi, too!!!

wow! KAT-TUN! 

wah, veeery cool ^^

congrats kat-tun ^^

dongrats to KAT-TUN :D!!

yey for KAT-TUN!!!

Congratz to them!!!
As soon as I saw them on the list I knew that they’d win :D

congrats to KAT-TUN =]

yaaay Congrats KAT-TUN

yeah for KAT-TUN!!!

omedettou kat tun <33

congratz to all

I think I have only heard a song or two fro KAT-TUN but I’ll look deeper into their music. Congrats to them for winning the Editors’ choice! smile

Great choices and selections, but I really wouldn’t consider SNSD as a JPOP artist, considering their origins are KPOP. :] Sorry, I be a stickler for “rules”, haha.

congrats KAT-TUN!! <3
it’s an honour to see SNSD is included in J-Pop award… >.<

woooo love KAT-TUN!! congrats on an awesome year~ :D
and it’s nice to see SNSD too~~ ^O^

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