4minute’s HyunA was not always the sexy HyunA we know today. An eye-catching old photo of the singer surfaced on an online community board, garnering much attention from netizens. This photo was taken on year 2007 where HyunA is training to be one of the Wonder Girls member.

Both the photos are obtained on an episode of MBC‘s ‘Manwon Happiness‘ with HyunA as a guest on the show. The singer melted hearts with an innocent and pure image of hers. I personally prefer this old HyunA compared to the one now.

Some netizens agreed that they prefer the innocent HyunA as comments like, “She looks more beautiful here with that innocence~“, “She looks so pretty and innocent here, why is she trying to become more sexy…“, and “Was this taken when she was in middle school? Her hair is so short,” were left on the community site.

What about you? Innocent HyunA and sexy HyunA, which would you prefer?