Attending the ’2011 KBS Music Festival’ that was held on the 29th of December, the girls of SISTAR was yet another group to feel the heat from neitizens for their costume mishap.

Showing off their impressive vocal abilities, SISTAR was seen sporting a red tight fitting dress that featured nude-colored panels around the chest area that gave the illusion that they were showing off more skin than they actually were. The risqué elements of the dress was further emphasized by the length of the dress.

During the beginning scenes of the ‘So Cool’ choreography, it required the girls to bend over. What caught neitizens eyes were Hyorin, who ended up showing a bit more than she anticipated. The controversial length of the dress left Hyorin’s behind exposed to the camera that overwhelmed fans.

Netizens who witnessed the singer’s behind revealed their concerned thoughts, “It seems they need to pay a little more attention to their outfits,” “I was so surprised during that part,” “I was worried from the start and then it happened.”

To catch a glimspe of the wardrobe malfunction, check out their performance below. (Skip to 1:10)

Short outfits is nothing new in the KPOP industry despite the contrasting conservative nature of the Korean culture. I actually sympathize Hyorin though I don’t blame her. Instead I blame the wardrobe coordinators. However, I do feel that Hyorin could’ve of taken much more precaution during the performance. What you think?


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their outfits have always been too much revealing!!

Awhh its so hard dancing in such short clothes ><
Or maybe their designers should have given them kinda like longer dresses |:

Aww poor girl having her booty revealed on tv. I would have just died lol. The only thing I see wrong is the length. It could have been a little bit longer or they could have given them spankies (like what the cheerleaders wear)

I knew that would happen when Girls wear TOO short of those skirts… Called it too… It’s bound to happen to others too):

poor girl.. she’s not at fault because she’s only wearing what she was asked to. i hope the wardrobe people will never make mistakes such as this again…

Poor Hyorin. I thought with super short outfits, they do wear some sort of black spandex shorts or something. x.x;;

RudeMinnMark2 - 01/01/12 6:51 pm

I think she’s got a great butt and shouldn’t feel ashamed at all. ^^

haha I like your train of thought, but its because shes an Korean Idol; performing in front of Koreans who take pride in their conservative culture. Thats what makes it controversial

I think she’s got a great butt and shouldn’t feel ashamed at all. ^^

That is ridiculous. Those in charge of wardrobe should have made adjustments for each girl, specifically, Hyorin because she has more of a lower body than the rest of the group. And I wouldn’t even call those dresses - it’s more like a long shirt. Enough with the super ‘sexy’ short skirts. I would love it if all female idols to keep their dignity, please. Thanks.

..Wow, it seems like Hyorin’s dress was shorter than the rest of them.. and she does the most bending too o.O
Don’t girl groups usually wear shorts under their dresses?
I hope Hyorin’s not too embarrassed over this ><”

whoever did their outfits...should have known this would happen -__- and sister should have seen this coming especially when wearing something that short… i feel bad for her though

Poor girl showing her butt to everyone…
But they don’t choose their clothes fro performances… right?

oh geez. thats so embarrassing. the wardrobe ppl should rlly have been on top of that.. they should have had them try the clothes on and then dance around a bit and do the bend over thing to see if this would happen beforehand. oh well

wow.... I don’t like it too short, that is too much -.-

the outfits are getting tighter n shorter ~.~ i don’t really like it

hope they’ll watch what they wear.

i think it’s inappropriate. i mean, i used to introduce kpop songs freely to my little cousins and watch kpop performances freely. but now, i kinda have to do my own ‘screening’ before showing it to them.

for example, i’m watching tv, bubble pop shows up, *quickly change channel*

kpop is not what it used to be..sadly…

Yeah I saw that...2 inches isn’t going to hurt anything.

I like it, I think it’s sexy and I’m a girl (:

I think it should be a bit longer that is just too short in my eyes

I’m so over this borderline “sexy” thing on stages lately........Adding two inches of material would have helped wonders here!  ^^’ I would hate an outfit like this!!  Hopefully their costume designers have some more forethought in their next stage outfits - their butts must’ve been really cold! xD

yeah i think the stylish could do more bout this considering their dance moves ~

Their outrots do look quite revealing even though it isn’t their actual skin showing. 

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