During the 2011 SBS Gayo Daejun, fans and viewers alike were treated to a cute and special duet performance from BEAST’s Yoseob and IU, but what do you know? Looks like one cutie was nervous performing with the other cutie.

Yoseob was interviewed backstage during the Gayo Daejun and he confessed that he was nervous about performing with IU.

Yoseob: I’m singing a duet with IU
Q: What song are you singing?
Yoseob: What I want to do if I have a lover
Q: What do you really want to do if you have a girlfriend?
Yoseob: If I have a girlfriend, I want to go the amusement park with her, and plan a surprise event for her.
Q: What if you date´╗┐ with IU?
Yoseob: I can barely sing with her because I’m shy. but dating would be even more.

(After performance)
Q: How was the duet with Yoseob?
IU: I had fun:)
Q: How about you Yoseob?
Yoseob: I was shaking. I was so nervous!´╗┐ Ah… I feel so shy~

Here’s the performance.

Aww, Yoseob, you’re so precious! Even though she’s your sunbaenim, you’re older than her. It’s ok, IU won’t bite!

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Oh my, they would be so cute if they were dating. :3
Indeed a cutie performing with a cute. 

awwww hehe Yoseob is so cute ^_^

cute performance :3

that was such a cute performance smile Yoseob <3 :D

That’s pretty adorable ^_^ <3 Maybe he will get a date one day.......lol!

he’s soooooooooooooo cute raspberry

he doesnt really seem nervous when singing though :o prooo? xD

he is IU fanboy...~~ hahhaa… cute! 

he’s really IU’s fan… very cute!!!

Yoseob is such an IU fan boy!!:P SOO CUTE!!=D

the performance was cute.

Oh, he’s so cute!!

LOL<3 Hee hee. He’s too cute. IU too~

awwwwwww but it was so cute!!!!! 

omo so cute xDD ~ they looks cute together ^^

LOL! definitely a loyal fanboy of IU! so adorable Yoseob <3

aww so cute! 

hah aww thats so cute!
they did a wonderful job together!

How cuuuuuuute~~

LOL well he is an IU fanboy xD

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