Well at least according to neitizens. After having spent a month or so promoting their song, “Troublemaker“, the Cube unit, HyunA & Hyunseung seems to be showing more chemistry off stage than on stage.

A photo has recently caught the attention of fans alike after it was uploaded onto a popular online community site, with the caption ‘HyunA & Hyunseung holding hands together back stage‘. The image illustrates, the two singers, holding hands behind stage whilst showing intimacy by whispering into each others’ ears.

In the past, the unit had been controversial for their provocative performances however, fans soon adapted to love the immense chemistry the pair had shared whilst performing. With the picture spreading like wildfire, fans are contemplating the potential of the couple’s ‘real life hookup’.

Netizens who saw the photos expressed, “They must’ve grown close after promoting together as a unit, holding hands like that behind the scenes“, “It’s hard to tell whether they are friends or lovers“, and “They would make a cute couple. Dating already?”

Like come on, how can you not grow feelings for someone after putting up such performances like how they did because honestly, they were HOT! The kiss at the MAMA awards probably ignited the whole ordeal but I am loving it! I would definitely be a supporter of the couple. What do you think? Yay or Nay?


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they look beautiful together ^^

There are a cute couple !I

Oh my!! really???
if thats true,...well, congratulations hyun seung ypo had a good catch!!but hyunah!! i wish u all the best!!

really?? i dont know if i’m happy or not with this issue… hihihiihhh…

i wouldn’t mind if they actually made a real couple - they look really good together^^

I wonder if it’s a business thing! You know .. like sometimes you want it to be REAL so they (entertainments/agencies) do but its not true. :(((

I think they would be the perfect couple smile

Yay~! ^^
Its cute :3

yay yay yay yay yay yay ....no haters smile

well i dunno, but i think it’s just their concept kkk ~
better not fast to judge things ^^

It’s not a surprise that such a rumor would pop up. Netizens really have nothing to do these days. >.<

eewww!! is dis true??
im happy for hyun seung!!
sad for hyunah

Oh wow, they make such a good couple! I hope they are dating, this is so interesting! ;D

Not surprise if they are definitely dating!

so a definite Yay! ;D

I don;t think this is true…

with performances like that, those 2 dating seems not a surprise for me.

i’m getting to like Hyuna raspberry

If it’s true, then congrats to them

definitely yay <3

hope it`s true, they really look good together.

they really make a perfect couple!!

omg! please become real! ^^ they would make an awesome and unstoppable couple together! lol

I think everyone is just waiting for Hyun2 to become real! smile They would be a hot pair, for sure…

Awww the title got me excited.
Than I found out they weren’t a real couple.
I totally support them though.

Nyay.... this is both a bad and good thing lol

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