Well, a week after Super Junior’s Leeteuk was crying thanks to Ryeowook, it looks like the leader has found someone to take his ‘revenge’ on and that someone just happens to be Donghae!

Super Junior is currently in Japan for the special Athena: Goddess of War concert and after the concert, some of the members went out for cola and ramen. Leeteuk made mention in one of his previous tweets that Donghae’s phone quality is lacking in brightness just like Donghae is. Donghae then tweeted, “@special1004 Hyung looks like my phone camera is not great ㅜㅠ looks like i have to change my phone ㅜㅠ”

Leeteuk then tried to “cheer” his dongsaeng up by replying, “@donghae861015 You should wipe the camera!” But that didn’t cheer Donghae up and he wrote, “@special1004 No ㅜㅠ Everything will be faulty when they are in my hands ㅜㅠ”

Leeteuk then replied, “@donghae861015 Minus’ hand (means hands that always destroy things)…Hyung is working…Tired..Keke. Play, with hyung’s share too!!!^^Perform with full of fighting tomorrow!!!”

Oh, you two crack me up. Hah, Donghae is lacking in brightness, hah.

Source: Donghae’s Twitter, Leeteuk’s Twitter

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Evil Hyung? XD

Ahaha how cute! ^^

so cute their conversation ~ what’re they doing through twitter, aren’t they’re together ? xD

Lol, cuteness!

lol!~ they are so cute!~ <3

Lol, poor Donghae<3

Poor Donghae..
but the conversation prove that they really had a great family bonding :D

awwahhh hehe poor Donghae XD lol Leeteukie picking on him hehe so cute

I lol’d, seems like Heechul left behind some of his wit~

that show how close they are ! :D

aww haha I love them ((: & its okay Donghae! Happens to all of us haha..

so cute convo!!!

so much love in their conversation! those 2 adorable boys <3

Love that picture^^~~~aww poor donghae

Poor Donghae

They’re so cute. Hehe. Poor Donghae, being made fun of by his hyung. XD

i want to see super junior live one day T_T!
but leeteuk and donghae are adorable :D

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