When you’re as busy as Teen Top, you just have to take a nap whenever you can and a recent picture of C.A.P. and Ricky shows they do it in style.

On January 12th, Teen Top revealed a picture of the two member napping on their Me2day account with the comments, “C.A.P. hyung and Ricky are dead asleep! They are still wearing sunglasses as if they were conscious of the camera around them! These are the Teen Top members who never lose the grip of fashion even during their sleep, and I’m your reporter of the day, Chang Jo, in the green-room.”

Teen Top performed “Crazy” for the January 12th episode of M! Countdown.

Awww…they look slightly uncomfortable. Too bad they couldn’t find a couch. At least they’re getting some sleep lol.


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Wow they look so adorable even with sunglasses on!

yeah! you are true fashionistas guys^^

idols need always be prepared to be snapped though in rest ? xDD

They’re so cute when they’re asleep

I laughed so hard at the despription Chanjo wrote. And C.A.P & Ricky looks so adorable! Good they’re getting some sleep. ~ ^o^

lol awww so cute XD hehe

They look so cute! glad they are getting some sleep! smile

Cute. Hope they’ll get more sleep sometime.

lol they look sooo cute XD

Awwwe lol cute~

LoL! they are so cute!

Haha they look so cute :3 xD

looking nice while sleeping :D

Aw thats adorable smile

hahaha that’s so adorable! smile Too cute!

LOL they are superstars even while they sleep.

they are so cute :D I’m happy they are working hard!

They’re too cute XD

CAP and richie so cute <3

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