As previously reported, four members of Super Junior will be going on blind dates with actresses at the behest of Leeteuk’s wife, Kang Sora. One of the couples, Donghae and Son Eunseo, had already been revealed, but now, we get to see the other three couples.

They will be:

- Eunhyuk and Lee Sena (born in 1982);

- Kyuhyun and Jung Yeonjoo (born in 1990 and from Sidius HQ);

- Sungmin and Shin Soyul (born in 1985).

In related news, Kyuhyun was in Shanghai this past weekend for the We Got Married Special.

What do you think of these couplings?


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the last time i saw eunseo, she was shipped with minho so i will def. not be used to this. haha

thank goodness i’m not obseeeeeessed with suju anymore (still love them ofc), or else i would die of jealousy >//< haha

good luck all of them nonetheless XD

I know I will get jealous watching this lol

Ahhhhhhhh cant wait to watch this ^^
It’ll be so interesting to see SuJu on dates :3

Awww this seems like such a cute idea. I want to watch it NOW! D:<

even if I m jealous I m still looking forward to watch this!
hope I won’t die!

i so want to watch this already. the boys will be all shy~


I hope not all of them will be actually getting married for the show =(

soo… kyuhyun is gonna be on this with two different girls? or is it two different shows? lol so confused

Haha I agree with taemint_shawol. Minho might get jealous. ;D But ahw, the couples do look compatible. ^^

Jung Yeonjoo will actually be in Dream High 2, hehehe (:

Donghae!!! :3

Eunhae only!!!!!!

They’re all so pretty ^^ espesh Hyukjae’s girl. This will be my first time making a commitment watching wgm!

Eunseo is only for Minho… sorry. Oh My School Rules~ raspberry

i’m sorry, but it’s so hard to watch my oppas on wgm D: i shall try to support them anyway~

Im a REALLY FAITHFULLY OBSSESSED KYUMIN AND EUNHAE/HAEHYUK SHIPPER, so I really dont like any of them but kyuhyun’s partner looks ok....

lol idk why - but i feel like the couples should be eunhae and kyumin! but idt they allow anything gay on television

Eunhyuk should call Sena Noona....
So are they going to appear as WGM couple like TeukSo Couple?

le gasp! EunHae couple and KyuMin couple...? Oops no, JUST KIDDING *le sad* Oh well^^

Eunhyuk and Lee Sena couple is soooo funny, and Kyuhyun and Jung Yeonjoo couple os cute

i think eunhyuks couple is gonna be like the “clown” couple. (=

not a fan of any of these couples XD! i don’t even know the actresses

kyuhyun’s couple seems really cute together :D they both look really innocent and stuff.

I wish they’d have dated someone i knew...Kyuhyun!! <3

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