According to eventim, BEAST’s Beautiful Concert in Berlin will be held on Sunday, February 12th. Of course we should not believe anything before any official announcement by Cube, but Eventim is usually trustworthy and it’s the main site for ticket sales in Germany.

Now why am I saying that the date is a bad choice?

Firstly, BEAST is quite a young group thus the fans are young as well, with many of them still being underaged. They have to ask their parents if they could skip school on the next day as they can’t go out of the concert hall and travel back to be in class ten hours later. It’s possible to those who live in Berlin, but what about those from other European countries?

Secondly, February 12th is only four days away after Music Bank in Paris, which features BEAST as well. The concert was announced months ago and tickets already went on sale since October. Many B2uties have bought the tickets as well as flight tickets and booked their hotels, hoping to see their favorite group in Paris. Now they are facing a dilemma as they prefer going to the Beautiful Show and they can’t just cancel everything to go to there instead.

The date of Music Bank in Paris is not the best choice either. The show will take place on Wednesday, February 8th, which is even worse than a Sunday. If you don’t live in Paris, you will need to skip school at least for two days. A second show was actually planned for the next day, but it got cancelled ‘due to technical and schedule problems.’ Yes, KBS, of course.

JYJ’s concert in Berlin took place on a Sunday. I think the fact that they have been in the KPop scene since 2003 helped the ticket sale a lot. They have a stronger fan base and many fans are not underaged anymore. In other words, there are probably more people who are willing to attend the concert and they don’t have to deal with school matters. The tickets were not sold out despite that fact.

SM Town in Paris was held on a Friday, with a second concert added on the following Saturday. The tickets were sold out for both concerts and I think it’s because SM Town features artists with strong fan bases and it was the very first KPop concert held in Europe.

Now to those groups who are planning to hold concerts overseas, choose a Saturday, will you? The fans would be able to go and even not-hardcore fans would consider to go just for the sake of attending a KPop concert. The artists would be even happier if they see a fully occupied concert hall. It’s a rare chance to see KPop concerts outside Korea, so to entertainment companies and concert organizers, please choose the dates wisely.