BEAST’s Kikwang is known for his charismatic stage presence and good looks, but his old photos shows that he was anything but that prior to his debut. Kikwang’s photos from his graduation album were recently uploaded onto an online community site and showed the singer sporting very unattractive hairstyles and glasses.

Netizens commented, “Hairstyle is definitely important in bringing out a guy’s looks“, “Who did that to his hair?”, “His innocent look is endearing“, “His expressions and his style made me laugh…“, and more.

Meanwhile, Kikwang hurt his ankle while working out and had to perform while sitting on a chair during the 2012 Asia Model Awards on January 18th, and the Seoul Music Awards on the 19th.


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LOL! kikwang.... with specs.. n the pose~~ kkkkkk~

OMG! WOW! :0

lolll his hair does look a bit funny, but you can still tell that it’s him! he was born with good looks (;

He doesn’t look bad.. He looks the same ._. 

His eyes are still cute!~ <3

the bottom right was okay lol

wow he looks so different :D!

He looked cute then. But now he’s hot. Haha.

I love him now and I’d love him if he still looked all dorky like that too smile

oh wow...prolly nobody expected him to become such a great star raspberry

Wow, what a transformation. 

loooool XD love these pics!!! ahhh i still think he was a cutie hehe but now hes just plain sexy

KiKwang was cute <3 kid I bet he had no idea he would become so hot..

awww he still has a cute face smile

He does look different -especially the hair raspberry- but I can still tell its him and its not like he looks bad in these anyways raspberry

What so shocking?! It look normal to me!! These photos are when he was younger, now he had grown up, of course his look would change, moreover, he wasn’t an idol back then so of course no cool hairstyle, make-up, clothes…

he loooks really cute and good actually in the first pic, kikwang had really nice lips and they really show in that pic, I was wondering why he was sitting in chair when he was performing :D now i know smile

Its not that bad. XD
he just needs to fix his hair up smile

oops i mean *** he

regardless of style and hair… he’s still looks good ^_^

LOL. Aww. It’s okay. 

Oh my gosh! Kikwang is stunning now, so he has definitely outgrown that awkwardness smile

lmfao I’ve seen these pictures a long time ago.
Aww poor GiKwang. Everyone gets to see his awkward years xD

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