Paparazzi photos of SNSD on a plane that were featured in Hong Kong celebrity magazine called Face were recently uploaded onto an online discussion board under the title, ‘Girls’ Generation carefree airplane flight’.

The photos are unattractive shots of the girls during the flight. Member Jessica is seen sleeping very unladylike with her legs stretched over the chair in front of her, Yoona is eating a snack with her mouth wide open, and Sooyoung is sleeping with her mouth agape.

These photos were taken in the business class section on a Korean airline, but the photographer remains unknown.

Netizens commented, “That is a highly private space… this is just too much!”, “This is a report full of evil-intentions“, and “Can’t stars enjoy any kind of personal privacy?”


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skyflame - 01/25/12 11:20 pm

they still look beautiful.....

Yes!! And so cute~~
But… people need to leave idols alone more often D:

That’s just MEAN. D: 

... there is obviously no privacy for idols. Let them have their privacy!


they still look beautiful.....

They dont look unattractive :L This just shows they’re human beings like //everyone else/
Way to go invading their privacy anyways T-T”

hahah they still look pretty even when they dont act ladylike raspberry

wow i wonder what happened to privacy and the personal bubble!
but they still look cute~!

they are still pretty, this just shows they are also ,normal people smile

still cute.....

they’re just normal people doing normal stuff. what’s wrong with these?!!

so what??? weird.... they are normal people.. same like us.. also have worst moment captured.. 

the girls are also human, you know? but i agree that this was supposed to be their private time..

“Why cant they be like normal people!” <--- what I meant by that is why cant they be seen like normal people either without haveing aritcles about them?!? 

Why cant they be like normal people! 

well..thats very unladylike...only to sica unnie...i would not act like that in a plane...even if there’s nobody around...legs up in the public? a definite no....but’s their privacy then… yup..they are superstars...who are very tired due to their busy schedules...but..they cant avoid these rite? i dont mean to ask them act like a superstar all the time..but just be a girl...i cant accept legs up in public..seriously…

Pfft, I’ve seen people do worse on airplanes. Can’t the tabloids leave these girls alone and let them sleep? Seriously, this is practically a stalker photo

That doesn’t seem the “worst”. They just seem normal just sleeping like that rather than always being at a celebrity status and being perfect.

Well, this is Chinese paparazzi for you. Though there’s nothing wrong with what the girls are doing…

. Her mouth is opened twice as wide as it needs to be for that candy bar. Looks like a Snickers bar? Haha, Idk. 

thats how i eat, sleep and lay. offensive! smile

If that is called “worst “, then what about me? 

Hahahah this only happened cuz they’re celebs! Every orher human on earth does that! How is it different just because they are idols?! XO the pictures aren’t them at their worst at all! Just natural humanness!! 

oh my. if that’s their worst then let’s face it: half of the world’s population is worst than snsd worst[?]
tbh they look quite charming there. relaxed in a private space where they should be allowed to act as themselves and not the perfect dolls in public.

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