Or that’s what many fans are speculating after Park Jin Young, founder of JYP Entertainment, released a mysterious teaser video via his Twitter page. A recent Twitter conversation between JYP and 2PM’s Wooyoung has led many fans to believe that the video teaser is for 2PM’s comeback song.

On January 18, JYP revealed, “I filmed ‘Five Million Dollar Man’ in Busan till this morning and moved to Seoul to record ‘K-Pop Star.’ I finished 2PM’s new song and also shot ‘Dream High.’ It feels like I’m dreaming after staying up 48 hours straight^^. But I’m so happy and thankful. To God and every one of you. I’m going to bed now~.”

When he shared the link to the piano video teaser, JYP also asked, “Which artist’s song do you think it is?”, which 2PM’s Wooyoung responded to saying, “Hyung~I think I know ^0^ kekeke.” JYP tweeted back, “Be quiet…^^,” and Wooyoung replied, “Umhahaha^0^…Anyways hyung, don’t you have something you want to tell me too??? Kk.” JYP then replied, “One week later I will T.T Definitely~I will…” and Wooyoung answered, “Then I will get ready for it too!!! ^^.”

Netizens commented, “The teaser for ‘Without U’ in 2010 also started with a soft piano sound. This time again?” “It looks like 2PM’s new song but it might be for ‘Dream High,’” and “It’s driving me crazy. Hurry up and let us know what it is, JYP!”

Do you think the song is for 2PM’s comeback or for ‘Dream High’?

Source: JYP and Wooyoung’s Twitter