Wow, did the first month of 2012 speed by or what? There’s not long left to go in the KPOP Idol-Off 2 Finals: Onew vs. Key match and the scores are so close that there’s still all to play for! There’s also not much time left to make use of the T-Shirt Sale at KpopHeaven! Make sure you read this Important Notice to Facebook Connect Users which is asking all Facebook Connect users convert their Facebook Connect accounts to Mixr Network accounts. Meanwhile, let’s applaud this week’s top users:

1st Place - 400 RPs: estherloveskpop
2nd Place - 250 RPs: HyunSeungFan
3rd Place - 150 RPs: x_MisS_NiNa_x
4th Place - 50 RPs: bookworm37
5th Place - 50 RPs: xsandy2005
6th Place - 20 RPs: omgsun
7th Place - 20 RPs: xoxkarenxox24
8th Place - 20 RPs: doctorwho
9th Place - 20 RPs: alliebug128
10th Place - 20 RPs: cararibz

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