Every group out there is bound to have haters. Anti-fans are no joking matter in the KPOP world as some go down the extreme end and send hate mail and death threats to idols. Recently, a list of the anti-fan cafe rankings for the month of January 2012 was uploaded.

Let’s take a look at the list shall we?

1. 2PM [15425]
2. BEAST [9799]
3. Big Bang [8960]
4. SNSD [7697]
5. Dal★Shabet [7380]
6. KARA [3316]
7. F.T. Island [3081]
8. Infinite [2863]
9. T-ara [2790]
10. Wonder Girls [2181]
11. C.N.Blue [1846]
12. TVXQ [1519]
13. Boyfriend [1357]
14. SHINee [1254]
15. 2NE1 [1203]
16. Teen Top [1201]
17. 4minute [1200]
18. Super Junior [978]
19. Girl’s Day [860]
20. miss A [793]
21. B1A4 [726]
22. F(x) [605]
23. A Pink [596]
24. Sistar [396]
25. Rainbow [298]
26. 2AM [151]
27. EXO [121]
28. MBLAQ [90]
29. Brown Eyed Girls [82]
30. After School [55]
31. Secret [52]

Some of the rankings really surprised me, like how INFINITE is ranked eighth. Also, EXO hasn’t even debuted yet and they’ve already managed to gather a few anti-fans. Unfortunately, it seems like 2PM has the highest number of anti-fans currently. But fans’ love will always overcome anti-fans’ hate!

What do you think of the rankings?

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Who would hate BEAST and Infinite and Big bang and many others...wow so many anti...they don’t have what to do home? or why? 

Why would people hate Infinite? Wtf....

i dont understand how or why BEAST and Big Bang managed to get top 5. =\

I think 2PM has the highest because of what happened to Jay Park > o <

but Big Bang and BEAST? D:

I think people got really ticked off about all the teasers and such for EXO. It’s sad, but probably close to the truth…
I don’t hate any group, personally. I give every group support because I know how hard they all work and if I don’t like a song I just don’t listen to it. Almost every group has at least one song I enjoy.

EXO haven’t debut yet! people jugde other by what? SHINee [1254]? damn! i whish they had lesser than this!

Haha, EXO hasn’t even debuted yet! But this is rediculous, I’m just sad anti’s exist at all :(

woww how come 2pm get highest rank??? :O
this’s quite surprising

I really can’t believe these people the hate coming from these fans is really too much.

dang..... O_o

... i am surprised… but i think these statistics arent really that accurate, cuz there may be more than the internet can record :(

Woah, 2PM...that’s ALOT of anti’s. 

Wow never expected 2pm to have that MUCH antis

haha It is sort of amusing that a group that hasn’t even debuted yet has antis, but it’s more sad, really…

LOL so funny. EXO? the group hasn’t even debuted yet. 

I really can’t understand anti-fans..........except maybe EXO. DEBUT ALREADY HAHAHAHA. <3

wow...but glad to see my bias TVXQ does not rank the highest in terms of this-- I don’t understand why some people feel the need to express their dislike so vehemently

the reason y EXO already have anti fan when they haven’t had their debut song n all yet is bs SM keep posting teasers n all. their is so many teasers wherver we go tat some ppl r getting annoy. at first i was waiting 4 EXO cause it might be a big hit n all but i started ignoring their teasers now bc there is so many teasrs tat i dont even follow EXO or wait for news of them anymore.. but i m not an anti of them ok. it just tat i m on the i dont care about them anymore side

I am glad that some people are not on this list but at the same time...this list makes me sad because these people are here for entertainment.  They don’t ask to be liked or hated.  If you don’t like them, keep it to yourself.  No need to make hate groups.

wowwwww o.o people need love, not hate

wow so I guess JYJ doesn’t have that many, why do I find that odd?

glad kim hyun joong isn’t there! he is too charming to be hated!

I hate antis!! ;P

This reminds me of when I was watching ‘Kids React’(theme:K-Pop)and they showed a picture of Super Junior(you know...They are wearing...silver?and Hangeng was at the front)and she looks at the picture and says"God they’re ugly."and the ouestion I always ask myself when there are antis commenting on a music video is “If you’re an anti to ________(place group name) why are you even watching this and why do you dislike them?”

DAMN ANTIS tongue laugh

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