SHINee’s Taemin will be joining the 93-liners and early 94-liners (IU, KARA’s Jiyoung, T-ara’s Jiyeon, to name a few) in graduating high school on February 9th and 10th, but thanks to his participation with his group members on the February 8th for Music Bank in Paris, it’s most likely that the dancing maknae will be missing out on his high school graduation ceremony.

Music Bank in Paris will occur on February 8th, but it is uncertain whether SHINee will have additional promotions and photoshoots while there. Certainly, it will be a bummer for Taemin, as high school graduation ceremonies happen only once in your life.


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awww that sucks.  my parents would have been pisse!!

Awhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ><
Poor Taeminn~

This is kinda sad, I know he has a job and all but still

Taemin misses gradutation!
Taemin oppa plz try not toooo

aww! this is sad >_<

Poor Taeminnie :<

He should go graduate!  And @KpopSnuggle they just want to promote Kpop elsewhere and having a big concert is most likely the only way to do it.

Aww !! >.< why are they holding Music bank in different places anyway!?!! 

SM, let him go ! It’s okay if we don’t see him on Music Bank, we understand that it’s his one in a life time high school graduation !

Awww, that sucks! Maybe he can catch a quick flight back home?

That’s so sad! You work your whole life for that and now he’s gonna miss it?! That’s horrible! At least he’ll get to be doing something exciting. smile

This is so sad!! D: 

aww that sucks major time!
i hope that he will still be able to go though, you only get one high school graduation

Aw, that is sad to miss your high school graduation. :(
I really wish he could go to his graduation. Best of luck to their performance though in Paris then.. Ahh, sounds so lovely to in Paris and watch Music Bank.

aww, it is sad. Don’t worry though Taemin! as long as SHINee is with you [:

Awwwh! That’s so sad! =[[
I hope they do well though!

Wow… sad face Dx Congrats on SHINee’s success though smile

Ahw, poor Taemin. :\ I would hate it if I missed my high school graduation this year. At least he’s graduation so yay Taemin.! ^^ <33 And it’s a good thing SHINee work is going well. :D

I wonder if Changmin of 2AM will keep his words and go to Jiyoung’s graduation lol. 

Wow missing your graduation ceremony.. Idols have to sacrifice so much!

awwww hope he gets to go! >_<
but he might be super tired if not busy >___<
hope everything works out for him!
congrats on graduating Taemin~ wink

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