Veteran users of Ningin know that we’re a super generous website. For the last two years now, we’ve been giving out on average at least one prize a day. We plan on continuing this tradition, but we want to streamline things a bit for us and for you. To this end, we’ll be making major changes to many of our giveaways like the Great F’ing Giveaways, Kpop Idol Off, and more. This post is about the F’ing Giveaway Series which we’re discontinuing and replacing it with a new monthly giveaway contest with an easier to remember name: Kpop Giveaways. Read on for all the details.

What hasn’t change:

We will continue to use prize votes and possibly other means to determine a monthly pool of prizes. Then we’ll make an announcement as to the start and end date, the list of prizes, and other contest details. The first of such announcements will be sometime on Sunday so stay tuned for that.

What’s new:

We’ll no longer have daily announcements and signups. That’s just too much work on our part. Instead, we’ll be switching to a ticket and raffle system with one big monthly drawing at the end of the month. The more tickets you earn, the better the chance you have of winning.

How do you earn tickets:

Right now there are two ways, though we’ll most likely add more later. First way is to login once a day and click a button. The button will appear on the Giveaway announcement blog post and will look like this:

The second way, and I hope you appreciate this, is to just do what you’ve been doing normally on Ningin, comment on blog posts. One comment equals one ticket and you can get a maximum of 10 tickets a day from this.

So if the monthly giveaway contest lasted 25 days, you can get a maximum of 275 tickets (10 + 1 * 25) from the two methods above which would greatly increase your chance of winning a prize. Though, to be fair, we’ll only allow one prize per person per giveaway.

How do you know how many tickets you have:

There will be a little box on the contest announcement page that will tell you, provided of course that you’re logged in.

How do you know if you won:

At the end of the contest, usually in about 5-7 days, we’ll announce the winners as well as instructions on how to claim the prizes.