Super Junior’s Heechul is on a roll! Earlier this week, the idol went on a date with f(x)’s Sulli, and now he has gone on a date with miss A’s Jia!

Heechul shared the above photo through his official Weibo page (popular Chinese blogging site), which showed the two idols posing in a restaurant. It seems that the two shared a meal together and Jia promised Heechul that she would introduce a Chinese teacher to him.

Don’t they look adorable together?

Source: Heechul’s Weibo

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O-O read title and just died… u guys are so cute together… u guys will make a good couple XP

They look cute together. :D

Haha watch that teacher be Jia herself! JK XD
Miss Heechul T-T

Aww so cute! :3 Miss seeing Heenim so much!

He has moved on from Sohee xD

He’s close to so many people… I’m surprised it’s with her and not Sulli or his male friends, though.

I guess other suju members must be envying him? haha

Ahw. It’s cute how Heechul is close with a lot of girls from different groups. :3

heechul seem like does not go to army as he always appear casual..hehehe…
heechul oppa hwaiting…

Heechul is really popular of doing this…
First Sulli and now Jia…
He’s such a sweet oppa treating Sulli dongsaeng out and Jia is considered a Jjokeobeol right!
Only Heechul could do this without being on a scandal because his honest....

they look cute together!! heechul has a good relationship with a lot of girl idols!! ^^

In ways… I love how Heechul is so social <3

Heechul definitely has a wide social network and that’s really cool smile

He sure is on a roll.
I wonder if the other members are jealous keke

Aww, I hope she really does introduce him to a chinese teacher since he wants to learn the language so badly!

I’m glad that Heechul is having some fun outside of the military

Heechul’s such a pimp! LOL!
He knows sooo many girl starsss raspberry

gosh! i’m really jealous to Jia i wish i can date with heechul kekeke

so cute!!!!i wish he would also date me!

Heechul-oppa!!! It’s good to see he’s still getting together with his friends.

awww so cute :D
Heechul-oppa is so cool, he knows so many female celebs raspberry

heechul dating every female idol :D

dang, he’s going on dates with everyone haha

Glad Heechul is having a great time with his friends smile

Heechul is such a cutie~

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