Would I like it? I know I would. Having Big Bang’s Taeyang and 2NE1’s Min Ji as my teacher would be a great honor. Luckily for the participants in SBS’s Survival Audition K-pop Star they got to learn from these two for one day. The episode which airs February 12th will show Taeyang and Minzy enthusiastically giving advice to them. They help the participants to improve dancing and vocal skills.

Taeyang gives detailed advice to everyone and even uses his own skills to show them some demonstrations. What’s also really amazing is that one of the participants was probably the most excited with all this, because he has put down Taeyang as his favorite singer on the application for K-pop Star.

Having these two as one day teachers would be something all of the participants will always remember. A production crew of K-pop Star says, “The present K-pop Stars, Taeyang and Min Ji, gave a lot of practical help to the participants. As the participants went through different training systems by three major entertainment agencies in Korea, they are expected to show upgraded skills.”

The episode will also show never before seen Park Jin Young’s (aka JY Park) luxurious recording studio car. The car was specially built for him to manage his time as a producer, K-Pop Star judge and an actor. You can see the glimpses of all this with this photo strip. Taeyang looks especially hot with his glasses and sexy outfit!


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