KARA’s Hara has attracted attention for her new selca shared via her Twitter page. Earlier today, Hara tweeted, “Today is also cold. Check out my cheeks. Oh my,” and attached the above photo.

Hara looked like a doll in the photo with her long straight hair, pink lipstick, and pink cheeks. Her blouse exposed her shoulders and collarbones, giving the photo a more sexy feel.

Netizens praised, “Goo Hara has all the charms of cuteness, purity and sexiness”, “I can’t think of anything else to say except for that she looks as beautiful as a doll”, and more.

Meanwhile, Hara will be joining KARA in their first Asia tour “KARAsia“, which kicks off at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium on the 18th and 19th.

Source: Hara’s Twitter

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I thought the blush was photoshopped on but it’s actually blush blush. A little too much in my opinion, but she pulls it off. 

She’s so adorable <3

She is always cuteee~ *jealous*

she’s so beautiful~

Beautiful.. but I think She has too much rouge on her cheeks.

nice picture!

She is so pretty!
very envious lol

She’s so pretty~[;

whoaoooa!!!! her blush. lovin’ her hair though

She looks pretty <3

she’s so skinny
and beautiful

Hahah Hara’s gorgeous to pass for an actual doll! Junhyung is a lucky man wink

lol..she does look like a doll..like a porcelain doll.. and I don’t think her cheeks are pink from the cold smile

She’s always been as pretty as a doll. ^^

maybe too much pink on the cheeks, but she is indeed really beautiful smile

Sometimes I wonder whether she is really a doll or not as well… she’s beautiful but could do with putting a little more on >.<

she looks really pretty~ :D
although the pink cheeks are kind of too much.... XD

I think she looks better without all of the pink…

Wow she really does look like a doll and I dont know if its a good thing or a bad thing o.o

She is pretty, but the angle of the photo makes her look a little weird. 

She’s too skinny >.< I prefer her natural look, too!

she looks creeepy as hell and it doesnt look like her

She’s so pretty!

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