Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and, as always, online surveys are making the rounds and becoming quite a hot topic in South Korea. The latest in the polls involved idols, Valentine’s Day and young adults. People were asked, ”Which celebrity do you want to give chocolates to the most on Valentine’s Day?”

1,300 users responded to the poll and their ages ranged from early twenties to thirties. The answers were then divided into what single women and single men wanted. 34% of female voters picked Kim Soo Hyun as the idol that they’d like to give chocolates to, and 44% of the men chose Lee Min Jung.

Other female voters chose Song Joong Ki and Won Bin who both received 20% and 17% of the votes respectively. In the men’s votes, IU and Suzy came in second and third place with 25% and 12% each.

Which celebrity would you like to give chocolates to on Valentine’s Day?

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