The ‘Best Week Ever Awards‘ is given to the Asian idol/celebrity who has outshone the rest in the past seven days. This week’s award, for the second time in a row, goes to Big Bang!

With only days left until Big Bang drops their fifth mini-album ‘Alive‘, fans have been more excited than ever for the group’s comeback. The last set of teaser photos were released this week, and fans were also treated to an audio preview of one of their new songs, “Blue“. It’s been a long wait, but Big Bang is sure to make it up to their fans as they will be promoting a total of not two or four, but six title tracks. We hope you’re ready for Big Bang’s comeback because they’ll be returning with a big bang!

Behind on news about Big Bang this past week? We’ve got you covered!

Big Bang Unleashes Daesung’s Teaser Photo for “ALIVE”!
Preview Of Big Bang On Healing Camp
Naver Declares That Big Bang is Back + ‘Blue’ to be Released on the 22nd?
Big Bang Continues the Teasing with the Release of Taeyang’s Photo!
Big Bang to Promote 2 Title Songs and Release 6 Versions of Their Mini-album Alive
Seungri is a ‘Bad Boy’ in Big Bang’s newest teaser photo!
Big Bang’s G-Dragon Puts Out An Icy Teaser for ‘Alive’
BIG BANG are cold icy men in latest concept pictures
Big Bang to Promote 4 Title Tracks Instead of 2
Naver Releases Audio Preview for Big Bang’s ‘Blue’
YG trolls us once more, BIG BANG to promote 6 songs as title tracks
BIG BANG struts their stuff on the streets of New York
VIPs, grab your oxygen masks!

Thoughts? Do you think Big Bang had the best week ever?