At least, that’s what two of the pictures say for SHINee’s latest promotional pictures for clothing brand Maypole.

Maypole has released more pictures of our strapping young boys in some fun and spring-like clothes. It seems like there are three slogans for the upcoming promotion: “Nude or Maypole”, “No More Bubble, Smart Price”, and “Goodbye Pole…Hello Maypole!!!” And of course, Maypole knows how to cater to fans by showing us some fun OTPs. Hello JongKey and 2min! If you’re wondering where Onew is, the poor leader was unfortunately sick. Sadness.

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JongKey and 2min<3

aw poor dubu :’(
and jong looks gooodddddddd, pale in some pics, but gooodddd (;

adorable boys<3

Omg, flawless, flawless boys ㅠ3ㅠ~
Onew-ah~ Rest well~ I miss you x(

i want the t shirts with their names on it!! i’ll buy them with any price! <3 <3

absolutely LOVE them <3 ahhh so cute <3

I absolutely love these pictures!!! They look like they had so much fun with this photo shoot!!! >.<

these pics are i wished ONEW was with them..

They look cute <3!
Too bad Onew wasn’t in there ;s

*cough cough* Well this is awkward.... XD

Love it! Too bad ONew isnt there T_T hope he feels better.

i want one of those shirts with their name on them!!

I’d prefer nude.
Roflolmao omds “Nude or maypole” probably set off alot of pervy fangirls xD
And Awwwwwww Onewwww D;

aww they’re so cute~!!

hahah nude or maypole

gahhhh so amazing...<3 SHINee is so attractive hehe

They all look sooo good!!! Specially Minnie :DDD

nude nude nude!!! kidding. Maypole...until I turn 18. raspberry

awww so cute!!  love the t-shirts with their names on them

they really touched every OTP XD wish onew was there ㅠㅠ the slogan though… nude or maypole? i think i know what we’d choose.

all of them look cute & handsome & cool~~ :D <3
Minho looks great in his namesake tee :3
too bad Onew-oppa wasn’t here TT__TT hope you get better soon, oppa~~!

lol All the English used is funny. 

I wanted the to be nude.
But they are so cute here.

bunniezwillrule - 02/19/12 11:48 am

i was so confused from the title LOLL but wonder why it says that? o - o

I’m guessing that the reason why they say that is that they want you to choose Maypole hahaha because you’ll look awesome in it? XD

Oh, so there’s no nude.. Haha, just kidding. They look great!

i love these pictures!
they all look so cute ^^ esp. Taeminniee <33

XD I choose nude! *-* raspberry
aww i miss them T^T comeback quickly!!!
they look so happy!!!!!!! :D

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