The Ningin Round Table is a feature in which we pose an Asian entertainment news-related question to Ningin writers and they give us their colorful opinions and thoughts on the matter. Ever since we saw that Asian Dad KPOP meme, we’ve had parents on the brain. We asked our writers, “How do your parents react to your interest in KPOP?” Here’s what some of our writers had to say:

Alexandria Faust: My parents are probably deemed as really odd when it comes to my interesting in asian culture and music, and they are both different about how they support me. My mom in very active in my interests and she is willing to buy me whatever I want/require so long as she has the money and I am willing to work for it. The stange thing about my mother is that she enjoys listening to KPOP almost as much as I do; she has gotten to where she can pick out songs when I play them and she has an ever increasing list of her favorites that she request I play whenever we get in the car. She is a bit picky with certain songs, but her favorite artists are Sunny Hill, U-KISS, Heo Young Saeng, and Super Junior. My dad is a bit different in the way of he doesn’t listen to it unless I’m playing it, and he doesn’t really know anything about it, but he’s the first to help me with any KPOP cosplay or project I might be doing. He helps me create costumes, he video tapes my dances, and he takes me and my friends where we need to go when we’re doing a project. I’m really lucky to have such accepting parents and I wish more parents would be more involved.

Jessie Zhao: Honestly, my parents are cool with my whole KPOP obsession. Actually, I think I somehow managed to get them to like bits and pieces of the KPOP fandom as well. At first they wondered why I was so into it and my dad always made fun of the fact how the boy groups were so ‘pretty’. But after they started seeing a lot of Korean artists appear on Chinese television and news, they don’t mind my obsessiveness anymore. I was totally into Super Junior (and still am) at the time and now my mom is an ELF too. My dad is even an IU and YoonA fan, haha. Also, when they heard about the whole SOPA thing and Youtube, my dad said, “How is Jessie going to get to her KPOP videos?” Oh, they understand me too well. All in all, my parents are pretty chill with my interest in KPOP.

Mylinh Pham: Growing up in an Asian orientated family, I have experienced the high and lows of being that one member in the family which my parents dedicate all their expectations on. As all conventional Asian parents wish, they prefer for their child to dedicate their entire lives to their studies; by that I mean, no social life. Though, being in 21st century, the ideal child image has more than gone down the drain, as teenagers begin to create their own self identity and for me, my identity that I convey is of a ‘Typical KPOP fan’. As much as my parents don’t like me stalking Ningin, or fantasising about my biased idols and forgetting about my studies, my parents have accepted my interests to a certain extent. Despite not understanding why I listen to music that I hardly understand, my parents do not interfere with my interest anymore and have also grown to like certain KPOP songs; mainly ballads. In some certain circumstances, it is a tad awkward when they try to converse to me about my biased idols, asking me to show pictures of them and ultimately, when I do google it, half naked pictures of Taeyang or Taecyeon pop up, (my parents are immigrants and hence, are very conservative), they have still shown acceptance towards what I like, something which I am really grateful for. With that said, summing it up, my parents don’t necessarily like me wasting time on KPOP and would rather me focus on my studies, my parents have shown acceptance to my interest and KPOP overall.

Sandy Lee: Ah yes parents, the people that you turn to when you want to buy a certain KPOP album online or even in stores. When asked the particular question: “How do your parents react to your interest in KPOP?”, my answer would be that they were at first weirded out by why I liked listening to KPOP, but have now slowly started accepting it. When I first started listening to KPOP, it was around 2007 and I was transferring from listening to mandopop from mostly Taiwanese artists like Jay Chou, Show Luo, Fahrenheit, etc. Since Mandarin is something that my parents do understand, they were find with it. When they heard I was listening to KPOP, they were really interested in knowing how I managed to know what they were saying (when I wasn’t in front of my computer reading English translations.) My dad knew more about KPOP than I did at the time since the Hallyu wave was going on and we had a BoA promo poster somewhere in our garage, so he wasn’t that surprised in knowing that I liked KPOP. My mom, on the other hand, would’ve preferred me listening to mandopop since she knew exactly what type of music I would be listening to. Of course, that was a couple of years ago and now they still think I’m sort of insane in some ways because I like putting up giant pictures of my favourite artists on my walls, buying a ton of KPOP cds in China and Hong Kong because they were cheap there and randomly popping a KPOP CD into the CD player when I’m home. In biological terms, I would say that they have become adapted to my evolutionary ways in taste of music and have come to accept it. They now even often discuss some KPOP with me when big artists like SNSD have a concert in Hong Kong shows up in the daily newspaper.

And now you have the floor — How do your parents react to your interest in KPOP?

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For the most part, my mom finds my interest in K-pop amusing.

My parents don’t mind all that much, my mum had even been into K-POP before me!

Me being like eight years old I didn’t like it all that much because I didn’t understand it. But after watching Boys Over Flowers and falling in love with OST then finding Super Junior and turning it into a obsession. My parent can’t really control what music I want to listen to and the amount of posters of SuJu on my walls.

Really the worst they do to criticize K-POP is when my my mum called Ryeowook and Yesung gay (I glared at her after that). Then my dad looking at U-KISS’s Neverland. But I do admit...the eyeliner was really shocking.

If only my parents had the same interests as me D: 

My parents really don’t care, well my mom is the only one who really got me anything and really supports my likes. My step-dad and dad are like whatever you like is what you like and as long as it makes you happy I don’t care. I have always been into Asian based things ever since I was a kid so when I tell them about my kpop or jrock or Asian music/movies/shows things in general they really don’t care.

>.> i wish my parent likes kpop too >.> but is not happening

My parents don’t mind it as long ad I keep it to my room.. I work and I pay for all of my fangirl stuff, so I’m not depedant on my parents.. But, there are times when Mom makes fun of JYJ looking feminine (with make up and cuteness overload) and I have to fight for their honor with my own Jedi sword (just like JJ’s) or use dirty tickling tactics.. No one else besides me likes Kpop in my family, but lately my second older sister was waching Kpop star audition and The voice of Korea with me and has liked them a bit..  Maybe in few years I ll be able to convert my entire family into Kpop lovers…

Haha my parents don’t mind but sometimes they make fun of it for fun. It’s usually SHINee things cause I am a hardcore Shawol! My mom spazzes of Minho a lot! One time she was watching Pianist, she saw his innocent look which made her scream and chase me around the house! Haha. Sometimes in public, my mom calls me “Baby~!” in Jonghyun’s RDD line. *sigh* Embarrassing…

My sister and I like Kpop. My mom just goes “Oh god , there she goes with her asian music” just to tease me. But she’s cool with it such as, each time she sees Taeyang, she goes “oooh, he’s so handsome” (she’s silly) and she stayed up with me to watch Snsd perform on The Late Night Show. She said they did good. My dad on the other hand always says you don’t understand what they’re saying and those guys look gay -_- he’s just a hater

being asian isnt the best thing ever, ur parents put so much pressure onto u, but me being a viet listening to a different culture’s music when i “should” be listening to my own doesn’t help… but i hope they can get over it, since im still trying my best in school!

It doesn’t matter to my mum but my dad says I spend way too much time on he imputed and not studying -_- raspberry

My mom keeps asking me when I’m going to grow out of this “phase” and she and my dad keep asking me why I listen to things I can’t understand. Honestly I stopped explaining myself cause it seems like they are listening to me haha. Guess what family and friends this is me and I’m not going to change.

well my mom is pretty much into stuffs i do so i have no problem!

My father says stuffs like do you understand them? go to Korea and other stuffs while i’m watching dramas xDD

My mom thinks Im crazy… and says that i might need mediacal attention soon X)

My dad doesn’t really care! but my mom hate it when she heard talk about kpop!
no only my mom! my sister my brother, my friends! For them all Asians Look the Same!But I don’t care! I love K-pop and I Love Korean culture!
My parents don’t even know that I m taking Korean classes XD XD

My parents just call it “los coreanos esos que le gustan a Ana” (that korean people that Ana likes) and my parents have different opinion about it my dad likes some 2ne1 and bigbang songs but he says he’d like them better if they were in spanish or english but when it comes to snsd, shinee or suju he says it’s some kind of shoe commercial song or little kids music. My mom in the other hand always ask me why I like music that I don’t understand, but me and my sister made her watch You’re beautiful and she really liked so she’s really into doramas.BUT my GRANDMOTHER LOVES ftisland specially lee honki, every time I go to her house she asks me if I have a new song.So my family is really into Kpop…

lol my parents think i’ll stop liking it eventually so they leave me alone but i know for a fact that i’m never gonna give up on kpop. maybe obsess a little less when i’m older but not stop listening to it. this is what i love and they accept that. its getting better too, my mom actually is starting to REALLY like super junior and she even wants to learn the dance to mr. simple XDDD i’m very lucky i must say

My parents believe I’m just going through a phase, ahahahah XD They’re kind of annoyed with how much I listen to K-pop and talk about it, but they’ve come to realize that K-pop idols are good role models actually smile

they’re indifferent, but my mom calls me crazy sometimes xD

kinoichi - 02/21/12 7:57 am

My dad doesn’t seem to care but my mom always pretend to be interested when I’m watching a kpop video xD (she only knows Nichkhun)
Everytime she looks at the screen : “Is that Nichkhun?”

That’s so cute! LOL xD
My dad just shakes his head when he hears my Kpop and my mom likes some of it, especially f(x), but the rest is gibberish to her!

At first my parents didn’t pay any attention to me loving Kpop. But then I started to play Kpop song loudly on my Ipod and I always watch Kdrama. And then they were like ‘What’s that? Alien language? It’s not like you understand it~’. But I just ignore them and continue spazzing about my bias. And then suddenly I saw them watching this Kdrama. My mom slowly started to like Kpop and she even have her own bias. So now they don’t mind me loving Kpop and they even allow me to buy Kpop merchandise as log as I study hard ^.^

My dad doesn’t seem to care but my mom always pretend to be interested when I’m watching a kpop video xD (she only knows Nichkhun)
Everytime she looks at the screen : “Is that Nichkhun?”

Actually my mom is a big Kpop fan herself. I got her into Super Junior and now she just loves them! ME AND HER are obsessed with Kpop ^_^ and she is 52 years old. We listen to kpop all the time...My brother doesn’t care. My dad doesn’t mind, but he doesn’t care either. 

my parents and brothers doesn’t care much about it, but when I bought something like magazines and merchandise etc.. they said I’m obsessed with kpop. now I bought kpop thingy secretly and hide them in a secret place. I would say I’m lucky for being a picky person that I can still save my money. XD

my parents, first they don’t understand why would i listen to songs i don’t understand, second say that the songs are weird (especially the dance tracks cause they’re more of a ballad type), third say that all the girls who managed to appear on tv in korea has undergone plastic surgery (they have this view that pretty girls in korea must had have surgery)… and i’m still having a hard time trying to have them accept what i like, but they’re more quiet about it since i had tantrums a few times. but then i’ve managed to get my brother into kpop and he even buys cds himself. =D

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