I’m pretty sure all of you have heard of Jeremy Lin. If you haven’t, well let’s just say that you should come out of that rock you’re living in. Jeremy Lin has shaken up the sports world with his phenomenal basketball skills, so much that even words are being created after him. Lintastic, isn’t it?

Needless to say, this 23 year old is simply amazing when it comes to basketball. He’s all over the news and gaining admirers by the second. A funny picture was uploaded by an online user named Michael Chang, and boy is it oh so true. The first, and most common, stereotype for Asians is that we study. More like all we do is study. But what people don’t know is that we actually have a Jeremy Lin inside all of us.

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“But what people don’t know is that we actually have a Jeremy Lin inside all of us.”
oh damn, 3 billion jeremy lins? such linsane lin-win. (sorry, i had to.)

So true, I love it!!

linsanity !! lol

LOL! it fits perfectly. ahhahahah

hahah win. i mean...Lin xD

seems pretty accurate XD

LOL so true XD

LOLOL! I remember seeing this on my FB xD LOL. YES! >:{D

Oh, I saw this on my friend’s facebook. 

Lol this was really funny

Hahaha, nice way to tell them off smile


loool xD i saw this one before. so funny ^-^

LOL ! so funny !

lmfao lin-sanity~

Just came out of the rock. XD

LoL so agree ~ pretty much this happen SO MUCH ! LoL ~~

LINification!!! Awesome!
It’s true for some part.. all my white american friends think I spend days and nights studying to get As.. LOL.. not true..and Parents think that I write essays whenever I’m on my laptop.. LOL..

0.0 this.....I can’t really say its true or wrong…

those pile of books lol
i don really did what in the pic

haha, kinda nice XD

lol!!! this is funny!

Lol? That’s not really what asians do.. -.- xD

Oh.. its somewhat true..

i so agree they don’t see the fun side of us asians!! =DD that had me laughing!!

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