Earlier we revealed that Block B is currently under fire after their interview in Thailand hit the web. As a result, Block B and their company, Brand New Stardom, is rethinking the group’s image.

In Brand New Stardom’s statement, they revealed “The members have cried from this first-time experience and are deeply regretful and reflecting [on their actions]. Zico, who especially feels responsibility as the leader, has gone through with the head shaving.”

Block B is known for having a much more free-spirited and humorous image, steering them away from the typical “boyband mold”.

To be honest, I really hope they don’t change their image. I really like Block B’s free-spirited and humorous sides, which really makes them stand out from other groups…, but there is a time and place for it. What we saw was the group getting completely out of hand…they just need to learn how to balance that side with a serious/mature side. And as far as Zico goes…I’m not quite sure what shaving his head will do…, but whatever helps you move forward I guess?

What do you think? Can you picture Block B with a different image?


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