MBLAQ’s Seungho and Lauren share quite a loving bond with one another, as seen on Hello Baby. This was most apparent during the 5th episode of the show, when each appa held out their arms to be chosen by the young daughter. But who did she end up choosing?

She seemingly went for Mir before suddenly turning and jumping into Seungho’s arms. When asked about why she loves Seungho so much, Lauren had quite the cute answer.

Oh man. I laughed so hard. Kids always say the darndest things.

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lol this girl is great raspberry yay for canadians!!!!!!

i think Lauren was running towards Mir for entertainment purposes c(x her heart belongs to Seungho c(x ehehe wad a cute response c(x

LoL,,,, she so cute.

Her voice is so cute! “His hair is yeppo, his hands are yeppo, and even his feet are yeppo”


not sure if i understood it correctly, but if so… AWWWWWW<3 <-- no other wordsss for it<3 (:

awwwwww she’s adorable!!! she has good taste (;

wow Lauren is so cute :D

lol what a cute explanation!

She’s such a cute little girl!!! >.<

Lauren and seungho r soo cute together.... Lauren is a really pretty girl! She is lucky to a handsome man as her appa…

Ahh. So adorable!! raspberry

she is so freakin’ beautiful and cute! gosh, I love her so much

She’s really cute ^^

aww she s soo cute <3

awww she’s adorable!! well now we know seungho has pretty hands and feet cuz we always knew he had pretty hair :D

LOL! Omg Lauren <3
You’re such a cutie! 

She is so cute! ♥

lol she’s so adorable

Poor Mir! XD love seungho!

LOLOL omg she is so cute.
I’m gonna go watch this episode.

LOL Omw she is so cute (’:

Lauren and the rest of the kids are so cute!!!!!!

OMG such a funny response XD! she’s adorable <3

This is to cute lol. All the children are so adorable!

hahahahaha so cute XD <3
appa chosen on prettiness, very interesting XD

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